Monday, October 21, 2013

The Doodles New Friend...

 The Doodles and her new friend Barney.
(Clever name, eh? I thought of it all by myself! Barney that is...sheesh...)

 This past Friday I played hooky from work, shhh! We decided such a nice autumn day should not be wasted doing menial labor and earning money. So...(here we go again with the "so"!) we headed south to see fall foliage and maybe even a few birds migrating south as well.

One of the places we ended up was Funk Bottoms. Really. That's what it's called. Must have been some bad diapers there along time ago...but I digress... This area was the first area in Ohio where Sandhill Cranes nested in over 60 years. A great place to watch for migrating ducks and this area also hosts the Shreve Migration Sensation every March.

As we tooled around the area searching out a few birdies, we stopped by the viewing platform that overlooks the funkiest of the bottoms. We met a couple of very nice birders checking out the area...and then...along comes Barney the Barn Swallow. He landed right on the platform very close to the ladies. Then took off to hunt a few more buggie snacks. Then, back again. Apparently this is HIS platform, but he was kind enough to let us visit. He didn't mind us talking or watching at all. He came and went as he pleased, though he always watched us out of the corner of his eye.

You never know who'll you'll meet when you're out birding!

 He even landed while I was below the deck.

 Choice bug hunting territory!
 Barn Swallows always seem a bit cranky.

 A very handsome profile.

 The not too funky Funk Bottoms.
We've seen this whole area under water many times in the past.

 Maybe that cranky look is due to eating juicy bugs...ick.
Gotta get that behind shot!
What a great pair of wings!


  1. A wonderful post Dave... lovely images.

  2. Gret story and photos. I haven'seen a barn swallow here for a long time.

    1. Hi Keith, I'll have to find a way to send you a few!

  3. How amazing!! You were able to get some great shots. I love the new look of your blog.

    1. Thanks Karen. Amazing...even a couple of shots from the front!

  4. ...aahhh! What a sweetie Barney is!!

    1. Hiya Peanut! He was a cute and fluffy little guy!