Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Another Funky Boggy Fall Day...

 Just another beautiful autumn day at Funk Bottoms...not funky at all! It was a somewhat quiet and peaceful time with few birds out and about, but still a great day with plenty of fresh fall air.

Funk Bottoms in March is one of the highlights of the Shreve Migration Sensation with gangs of ducks, raptors and birders. As I posted a little while ago, this is where Barney the Barn Swallow stopped by for a visit. You never know what you'll see around here...

This juvenile Bald Eagle was soaring high in the clouds.

 We had a few Turkey Vultures checking us out.
I asked The Doodles to lay down and play dead.
She declined.

 This is the view from the Pine Tree Barn.
A cool place for lunch...and looking at some great Christmas ornaments.
Or is it still too early for that?

Next stop on our autumn outing was Brown's Lake Bog. We've been here a few times now and I'm always amazed that an Eastern Towhee has been there as well. Maybe he's stalking us!

 "Oh yeah, I'm watching you!"
Towhees are very careful out there.

There's a nice boardwalk running through the bog.
It keeps your shoes bog free.
Watch out for the loose boards! They make the walk a little more exciting... 

 How appropriate!
An Autumn Meadowhawk!
They can be found well into late November around here.
Who's the hardy hawk?


 Who'd have thought that a butterfly can hibernate over the winter?
These Eastern Comma's do!
See that little silver comma under the wing?
Yep, so did the guy that named it, so clever...
 There's a boardwalk under there somewhere...
 That Woolly Bear Caterpillar is trying to run away.
Caterpillars don't realize how slow they are.
Eventually, if he doesn't get caught, he'll turn into an Isabella Tiger Moth.
Run Woolly, run!

 I'm lichen this photo!

 The last warbly of the sad.

 I think I may have to post a few spring warbly pics very soon...
it will help me make it through the winter...

By the way...this is a Yellow-RUMPED Warbly!
Fitting, eh?


  1. I like your way of showing fall leaves by making photos of them on the ground. For some of these insects it only takes a warm afternoon and they're active.

    1. Taking photos of leaves as you're falling down makes it seem like you're doing it on purpose...

  2. carry so much camera gear! I did not know how serious you were. Lovely photos as always.

    1. Most people will tell you I'm not very serious...that heavy gear just keeps me from blowing away!