Sunday, December 29, 2013

23 Out of 84...will it never end?

It twas a dark and stormy night...not really...

Actually it was a dark and windy day...and cold...and windy. Yes, the Longest Twitch continues slowly butt surely. Only 61 more parks on the Lake Erie Birding Trail and 26 more years to go...

This visit was from November, go figure, I'm a little behind! (ha.) Our first stop was to Wellington Reservoir close to Wellington Wellington...duh. A good start to the day with plenty of duckies swimming about.

 When we saw the dozens and dozens of Canada Geese flying in, we thought maybe there would be a Snow Goose mixed as so often happens.

 Why looky there! A lone white goose mixed in the flock.
Could it be?
Nope, just a confused barnyard goose...
Maybe next time.
 There was a Horned Grebe!
That made up for the gooseseses thing...

 And a gang of Ruddy Ducks and American Coots(and I'm not talking about us!)

 That's The Doodles laughing at my joke.
Actually she's just laughing at me.

 I can only look at so many ducks before the trees start calling me.

 Those trees were very busy!
This is the only Red-bellied Woodpecker that sat still long enough for me.

 This is an Eastern Bluebird giving me that look that The Doodles does so often.

 Even the Bluebird was surprised to see this Yellow-rumped Warbly!
So sad. Last warbly of the year...

 The Doodles at Lake Erie Birding Trail stop number two for the day!

Our second stop was to the Oberlin Reservoir in, you guessed it again! Oberlin! Another nice place to see plenty of ducks...and it's not a very big place to walk around. Be prepared for wind though, there's nothing there to stop it from blowing you around! Luckily I carry that big anchor(the camera!)

There's a Hooded Merganser, a Bonaparte's Gull, a Pied-billed Grebe(I didn't see any pie on him!) and a raft of Ring-necked Ducks.

Ring-necked Ducks fly in rings like this.
Really, that's where they got their name.
Go ahead, look it up. I dare you.
Hey! Why's that Bonaparte's Gull flying the wrong way?

 More wacky Ring-necked Duckies.

 The Doodles was in an artsy mood.

 Ring-necks flying in their infamous ring formation again...butt in a different direction.

 I don't know what this rig does, butt I want one!
Rush hour would be so much more exciting!
 Last stop of the day...Findley State Park in...ha! This time you're wrong! It's in Wellington. I knew that one would get ya...This park has not been a lucky park for us. We saw one Mallard and something with feathers zoom through the trees. That's it. Maybe next time. Now I know why it's called the dam area!

 Nice and tidy grass.

 Birdless trees.
 Well, I'll leave you with a few ruddy butts to ponder...toodles!


  1. So now I am going to add this birding trails to my bucket list.

  2. You did okay in these two areas. Lots of waterfowl to be expected and then a few surprises. It's nice to see these photos in Dec. as it takes my mind off winter.

  3. Lots of quiet trails and no birders - just what I like too. Ist January and you can start all over again Dave. Happy Birthday wishes from the UK.

  4. ...the look on the bluebird's face made me chuckle.