Saturday, December 7, 2013

King of the Garden...


He's the guardian of the garden, the sovereign of suet, the thultan of thistle, yes kiddies, he's the evil Emperor Mockingbird. He is the master of all he surveys. Watch your head...and tail feathers.

We've had Northern Mockingbirds in the garden on numerous occasions, but this guy is out of control! I couldn't figure out why, with all of the dozens of House Sparrows, why aren't our feeders being emptied daily as is the norm? Then I saw him. This raucous ruler. This tail feather plucking prince of the pines. ANY bird that thinks it can fly in and have a little meal at one of our back yard feeders is sorely mistaken!

I saw him with a beak full of Mourning Dove tail a few mornings ago. Today he chased off the Northern Cardinals, House Sparrows and a Red-bellied Woodpecker. I am not happy with this kaiser of cracked corn...not at all.
 Please note the imperialistic pose.
Shortly after this shot, he dove at my head.
Maybe the crab apples are making him crabby.
Not. Nice.
 The only safe place to feed is under two feet off the ground.
He believes that's where any other lowly bird belong.

 Might this be the reason?
 I think he's guarding his precious hoard of evergreens and berries.
We have a number of evergreens and junipers.
 Even the Cooper's Hawk only worked the front feeders today before soaring
to the neighbors safe tree.
 After he zoomed my head, he landed on the feeder pole.
"Don't bother filling these Loopy!"
 I hate to say it, but I think I even miss the flocks of House Sparrows!
Quick! sneak in for a seed while he's not looking!


  1. You've describes exactly what very aggressive territorial birds do. We don't have northern mocking birds or any other kind of mocking bird.

  2. I definitely see some Christmas card candidates in these photos. !!!

  3. I definitely see some Christmas card candidates in these photos. !!!

  4. A really beautiful series of photos!