Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time for a Reality Check...(not really...)

 My reality of today...bah.

 So(yep, here I go again!,) are you as sick of freezing your parts off as your frozen blogger? Oh, you say you're from south of the equator...and it's hot...well good for you! All us of northern hemispherians are a tad bit on the chilly side and buried in white stuff. We're all dreaming of setting sail for the south or wishing for warmth and warblies!

Instead of clearing the driveway...again...I will pretend it's spring, specifically May at Magee Marsh. I am casually cavorting along the boardwalk, camera in hand, sunshine upon my balding pate, absorbing the songs and colors arriving from the south.

Oh yes...much better than struggling behind shovels and snow blowers, wondering if one of my fingers fell off somewhere behind me. Cranking up the space heater...Aahhhh....just like being there.

 My first and favorite warbly along the boardwalk!
A bundle of Black-and-White energy.

 A black throat and a white's a Black-throated Blue!
I'm starting to warm up now...

 A Black-throated Green Warbly amongst the greenery of spring.
 This Blackburnian is definitely heating things up.
 A singing Chestnut-sided Warbly...from behind of course!

 Oh my...look at the leaves budding out!
This Palm Warbler has almost blocked out the visions of reality!

 A golden ray of sunshine!
Prothonotarys always brighten your day.

 Look at all of the yellow on that Yellow-rumped Warbly!
 I am now lost in Magee memories...

Nuts...I just heard the snow plow driving down our road...
Back to reality.
Time to hunker down like this Junco...

Stay warm!
...unless you're south of the equator...


  1. :-) You're singing my song! It's supposed to be 17 below Monday night. 17 below!

  2. Nice touch to show spring birds in the winter when we are freezing our behinds off.