Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Is In The Air...

 Oh yes, love is in the air! And it's not even Valentine's Day! Our resident Red-tails are becoming a little amorous again. The nest is a couple of blocks to our east, but they are regular visitors to our gardens, much to the dismay of our squirrels and Bobb's fellow chipmunks.

The partners have changed a couple of times over the years. We are right along a major highway and two have fallen victim to traffic. Even so, we've always had juveniles successfully raised and dive bombing our furry friends. I'm looking forward to seeing another youngster this spring!
 This was taken in 2013.
They love those utility poles!
 This one from 2011 was not the brightest of the bunch...
He now knows that he can't eat a decoy...
 Keeping an eye on the feeders in 2009...
 2004, the first year we saw him visiting our gardens.
He looks so powerful...get it?
He's on a power pole...
Ha...or no?
 I shall keep you updated!

In the meantime...
Happy Valentines Day!
from Loopy & The Doodles!

*Loopy's cheap date ideas..(don't tell The Doodles I said that!)

1. Go birding!
2. Rent a birdie kinda movie!...such as...
 "Birders, The Central Park Effect" about the wonderful bird life in he middle of New York City.
"Pale Male" about the Red-tails in Central Park and their love affair.
"The Big Year" featuring Jack Black as our buddy Greg Miller.
"The Life of Birds," David Attenborough's great film.
 "Winged Migration,"  an amazing film about...migration!
"Opposable Chums" the great documentary about the World Series of Birding!

 3. Eat a chicken...well maybe not that one. I've never been good at that dating thing...ask The Doodles, she'll tell you.
4. Ignore my suggestions and just have a good time!

*Don't forget to check out "Wild Bird Wednesday"!


  1. Saw two read-shoulders mating down south in Florida last week.

  2. Now you've got me thinking. Your red tails nest in Mar. then do they move north and nest again or do your red tails stay in your area?

    1. Our Red-tails call this home all year...even in this "lovely" winter!