Friday, June 13, 2014

The Longest Twitch...only 30 years to go!

 *Fun Fact(that I just made up!)...
Song Sparrows love to play peek-a-boo!
Try it!

 Hard to believe, but we are up to 33sites visited on the Lake Erie Birding Trail...and I will torment you all with more bad photos of them all...mwahaha! Only 55 more to go.

The latest site visited was Pearson Metropark, part of the Toledo Metropark system. We made it out there at the end of a very long day, birding at Ottawa, Metzger Marsh AND Magee Marsh. We will have to go back and check out more of the trails and their fantastically restored wetlands!

 Great trails wind through the woodlands to a nature center.
 This little birdy was a puzzlement. He didn't want anyone to get near.
We finally discovered he was a Swainson's Thrush.
That white wing patch really confused me!
(AND I'm still waiting for someone to send me a 500mm Canon lens...!)
 You can tell by the splash pattern that this is an American Robin.
Very distinctive droplets...indeed.
 See? I told ya!
They have a very nice "window on wildlife" in the visitors building.
Lots of feeders, a small pond and a waterfall...and lots of chipmunks!
 Our best pretend where's the nearest restaurant?
 No turtle soup, thank you.
 The visitors center at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
Gorgeous  inside and out with plenty of activities indoors, photo displays and a gift shop.

 Though we've been to Ottawa dozens of times in the past, according to The Doodles, they didn't count towards the Longest Twitch. What the heck, let's go again! There's always good birding here, no matter the time of year. You have over 9,000 acres to wander in, so you're bound to find something intriguing to spy.

We didn't quite cover all 9,000 acres today...maybe 3...or 2...or  not. We did make it around the boardwalk behind the center and past two of the ponds. We'll have to go back soon!
 Behind the center is a Purple Martin house...and you'll never guess what we saw on it!
Well, I guess you did...guess...I guess.

 The boardwalk received The Doodles highest bench rating.
 Meanwhile...back with the birds...
Oooh...a Pied-billed Grebe(love that name!) and a Common Gallinule.
He'll always be a Common Moorhen in my heart...
 I crept up very creepily on this Common Yellowthroat.
I've been told many times how good I am at being creepy.

 A cozy pair of Eastern Kingbirds relaxing in the noonday sun.

 I apparently was disturbing this Tree Swallows nap time.

 There's nothing like a crunchy spider for lunch to make an Eastern Wood-Pewee happy!

 9,000 acres and these two Great Egrets were fighting over a square foot of marsh.

 They're so cute when they're small...
Then they turn into Canada Geese and poop on your shoes.

 Brown Thrasher from afar.
Canon 500mm lens! Anyone listening!
I would even settle for a 600mm...or even an 800mm...
And this Warbling Vireo says it all...


  1. How I'd love to go birding with you!! What a fun time it would be. I love all your pictures and your insight into what's REALLY going on with the birds. Hope you get that lens!

    1. I always speak the truth with the inside info that no one wants you to know.
      The Doodles says birding with me can be scary!