Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coots and Cootlets...

" Two's company and here comes the crowd!"

 So we are on another exciting adventure! Well, for us getting out of the house and putting off a little gardening to see some birdies is an adventure! On this delightful day we went to an area called "THE LORAIN IMPOUNDMENT."  Sounds like a place where bad birds are sent.

It's part of the Lorain Harbor AND it's on the Lake Erie Birding Trail...of the Longest Twitch fame...or something...

Well you know summer birding, not always a lot to see, but what you see, you'll see a lot of! Those wacky American Coots have been busy as bees...or more like bunnies...out there. LOTS of babies wandering aimlessly and kids tend to do. ya go. Have a look...

 "Great, Mister Big Feet is gonna try to fit in here!"

 Cruisin' for food...

 So many babies!
What was going on in that marsh?!

 A proud parent with the kids in tow...

 Did you know that there are sometimes bumps in the water?

 Eating more...and more...and more...

 "Hey! What's that guy doing over there?"
 "Oh...huh-huh. I can see my feets!"

 "Whoa...too far!"

 "Stoopid kids...sheesh..."

 "Just watch me, not the duck!"

 This is the infamous "Pushmepullyou" subspecies of the American Avocet.
I should send this to the National Enquirer with those UFO photos...hmmm...

 Black Swallowtail butterflies have some mighty dangly legs!
 Be vewy, vewy qwiet...We're hunting wabbits!

 Hey! You got something on your beak!
House Finches are so messy!
 Oh my!
It's a Monarch sitting still!

 Trying to hide in the weeds, eh?
I found you!
(That's an Orange Sulphur.)

Say goodbye!


  1. You should get out of the garden more often. You found some interesting critters . Coots are a hoot!

  2. Great collection of photos. It is such an addiction, isn't it?

  3. Wonderful photos of all the critters. The butterflies are beautiful and the coots are cute.

  4. Glad you took a break from hard labor and went to the 'impoundment'. These are great photos and as always, delightful text. Coots are cute! Must have been some cold nights this spring!