Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life in the Garden...

Another Monarch butterfly pooping out an egg!
Sorry..."delicately placing" an egg on a common milkweed.
Such common language...disgusting!

Now that birding in the garden has slowed down...other than the hoards of Common Grackles, House Sparrows and European Starlings(with a nice smattering of Baltimore Orioles and Gray Catbirds thrown in for fun,) I'm back to my nightly "focusing" on bugs routine.

It's amazing what you'll see when you wander around the gardens every night. There are little changes all of the time here and buds budding, old buds wilting, bunnies and other fur balls making things disappear altogether, and new bugs every day!

Remember, NO MORE CHEMICALS in your gardens and you'll find a lot more to look at. Not to mention the world will be a healthier place.

 Yep, another Monarch egg.
I've found close to half a dozen on our milkweeds so far.
You really have to look closely!

This is a first instar Monarch caterpillar, about 4mm long.
He hatched Tuesday, by Wednesday he disappeared.
Possibly bird food...or I'm hoping he's just good at hide and see!
Check out "Monarch Watch!"
Everything you need to know to help Monarchs in your garden.

 Another egg on a milkweed.
I don't think this is from a Monarch.
We shall see soon!

 Speaking of milkweeds...this is a Large Milkweed Bug.
That's its name. Clever.
This is the only one in our garden so far this year.
The adults migrate to this area from the Gulf of Mexico.
They work their way north as the milkweeds seed pods develope.
Soon it will be crawling with larvae...we hope.

 This is a Green Lacewing.
We like them.
Their young eat Aphids.
We don't like aphids.
Bon appetit!

 This is a fresh Leafhopper.
Check out!
Everything you ever wanted to know about bugs!

 Something crawled out of this very, very small exuvia.
I hope it wasn't some alien!

 This was a HUGE Bumble Bee.
It might have mites on its leg if you look closely.

 A pretty Red Admiral on Queen Anne's Lace.

 I must send a thank you note to the birds for planting these sunflowers in our front garden.
The deer must thank them as well.
They've eaten most of them...rrrrrr.....
Budding buds!

Don't forget to "Bring Nature Home" to your garden!


  1. Good post on insects. After lady bug I'm about finished. I admire people who can identify large numbers of insects. It's work that I haven't started.

  2. Pretty awesome shots. I had my aunt in Mass. plant milkweed and they've spread and now she's cutting them all down because she said they never attracted butterflies. I wonder if she just doesn't notice the small things. She's not really the type.