Saturday, September 13, 2014

Not Everyone Dislikes Dandelions...

Last weekend, me and The Doodles went to visit Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, formerly known as Dike 14, formerly known as Cleveland Lakefront State Park, formerly just water in Lake Erie. After years of dredging, voila! We now have this great place right near downtown Cleveland that is a magnet for wildlife. The great Cleveland Metroparks are in charge now and have greatly improved the trails and to make The Doodles happy...they have benches! AND it's part of the Lake Erie Birding Trail!

Fall migration has started...warblies are zooming through as well as the tail end of the the ducks will start. BUTT...first...
We saw many Cabbage White butterflies in the restored meadows and along the trails.
He's the attacker on top...attitude.

 An aerial attack from above!
The butterfly trying to enjoy a little dandelion wine is a Checkered White.
We don't see them as often as the Cabbage Heads, accidentally introduced here from Europe.

Before you start yanking all of those dandelions from your lawn, think of the butterflies you may see enjoying them!

Chemicals bad. Weeds good.
Keep chanting that to your neighbors with the perfect lawns that don't help anyone or anything.
Except Monsanto and Scotts...

Next time we'll get to a few warbly things!


  1. I don't fight dandelions, but I sure have to fight people who think dandelions are bad!

    1. Make enough dandelion wine and they won't care...

  2. Delightful little critters! How nice you have someplace close by to retreat to once in awhile.