Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You...

Today I'm' thankful  for all those little warblies that sit still long enough for me to get a nice photo...

 I'm also thankful for great friends like Kim Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory for all they do to promote conservation and the love of nature.

 We need to also be thankful for all of the Audubon groups like Western Cuyahoga Audubon for their ongoing support and protection of the Important Bird Areas.

When I thanked Kim for  promoting conservation, I also need to be thankful for all the young people that have heard the call of the wild.
Support groups like The Ohio Young Birders Club!

Better not forget The Doodles for putting up with me!

And the lovely birds that have visited our gardens and brought a little joy and a sense of wonder to our lives.

I am very thankful for our friends at the Las Gralarias Foundation for helping to save wild areas in Ecuador for our feathered friends.
There are groups like this the world over that need our support.

Thanks to all of the bird banders and researchers that strive to help and preserve the birds that we love so much.

 Our friends at all the the parks and refuges that are struggling to protect a little bit of nature through all of the government cuts and inane laws need thanks and support as well.

 On behalf of the birds on this Thanksgiving, I thank the insects. Yummmmm...


  1. Such a humble post, Dave. Happy Thanksgiving to you and The Doodles!! Thank YOU for bringing such wonderful humor into our lives. xo

  2. I'm very thankful that Dave brings us awesome photos all year. (And it's not even thanksgiving for me.) Happy thanksgiving Dave.

    1. Thank you Keith...I think you may have your fingers crossed..."awesome photos?" Well, sometimes.

  3. And, of course, I am thankful for all the terrific photos you share.

    1. THanks! I think I may have to recommend new eye glasses for some of you...

  4. Oh, the yellows on the last