Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Great Backyard Bird Count...or snowflake tally...

 Yes, winter is still raging here in northern Ohio!

 This weekend is the annual Great Backyard Bird Count sponsored by Cornell Labs and eBird.
We've submitted lists for a number of years's a great excuse to sit by the windows and do nothing but look at birds! Though running back and forth from front windows to back windows does get a bit tiring.

As you can see, we are in the midst of a lovely snow storm today. That has slowed down the visits to the feeders, oh well, I'll keep counting no matter what. I hope you get some good birdies today!

We had a total of 12 Northern Cardinals at one time. 
They seem to get along fine...for now.
The White-throated Sparrows gave up on trying to find seed on the ground as normal...the snow is a little too deep and powdery. Sparrows sink you know.

We've also had a few American Tree Sparrows and one lone Downy Woodpecker attacking the suet feeders.

 And then there's our little furry friends...
I made this feeder to hold peanut butter mixed with millet.
It keeps the Squirrels occupied!
Cooper's Hawks give a whole new meaning to "Bird Feeding!"
He didn't stay long...nor did anyone else!


  1. Oh, but you did get some great shots Dave.... love the "squirrel occupier" .....

    1. Yep, I even feed those crazy squirrels...Thanks!

  2. Sometimes in gross weather you get lots of birds and sometimes nothing is moving. Sometimes birds are in just before the weather goes down.

    1. "Gross" is putting it it spring yet?

  3. Oh my, you do have a lot of snow Dave. If you're laying on a buffet meal who can blame the Cooper's for wanting to join in?

  4. They are beautiful, but, the Coopers Hawk is excellent.