Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody...

 Even a windy rainy day is a good day at Magee in May!

There were buttz-a-plenty at Magee Marsh on another trip that my brother Phil ACTUALLY ASKED TO GO ON! The clouds were dark and heavy...the winds where up and the rain started just as we arrived. I asked if he was sure about going through with this walk...and he said YES! Oh dear, I fear I have created a birding monster! Only hard core birders will go out in the rain and wind and get soaked trying to see a few warbly things. Butt there we were...

It was a surprisingly good day. It wasn't crowded with birders...or birds really, butt the birds that did show themselves were fairly low and busy eating up all them buggies that usually bite us. Cape May Warblies, like the one above were the featured bird of the day. The females were everywhere it seemed...puzzling all of us that were used to seeing the bright males for the past week.

So...onward with those wet warblies!

 It's rare to see so many Baltimore Orioles down a little bit lower than usual.

 The Bay-breasted Warblies were out and about today...

 ...and they were singing up a storm!
(Get it? It was raining..."singing up a storm"? I give up...)

 My second Black-and-White of the year...and he's waaaayyy out there...argh.

 Very dangerous to aim up in the rain!
Butt I had to get at least one Black-throated Green Warbly butt!
...time to empty the rain out of my lens hood...

 It must have been ladies day at Magee...
this female Blackburnian came down to check out the soggy Lewis brothers...

 Of course the male was too manly to come down to say hello.

 Name that booty!
(Wow, did you say Blue-gray Gnatcatcher? See you're learning bird butts now!)

 Where's Waldo Canada?
Phil has learned that this can be a frustrating pastime...
Honest, there's a Canada Warbly right near the middle.
BT3 has nothing on me when it comes to crappy photos!
I got mad skills yo!

 Speaking of odd of the many weirdo Cape May Warblies that acted crazy around us.

 I've never seen a Cape May with feet like that!
What did she step in?

 Water, water everywhere, and here's a drop to drink!

 Why is she looking at me like I'm crazy?
(Please don't answer that...)

 A Chestnut-sided Warbly preparing to dive bomb a bug.

 They don't like to be watched...

 What an angry little warbly!

 Study your Warbly butts kiddies!
Sometimes the only way you'll see a Northern Parula is like this.
Poor Phil.
Wet binos...
Wet hat...
Wet jacket...
Too many burd buttz...
And me!

 I did get a shot of the front of one, butt you can see those any day!
This is more fun!

 I am angry with Mourning Warblies.
Always low in some inaccessible tangles.
Always a crowd around, which I always seem to be behind.
I am the birder from behind after all...
Great bird for Phillio though!

 The Yellow-rumpers were very jumpy in the drizzle.

 The rain did eventually let up after we ate lunch at Blackberry Corners!
We headed for Maumee Bay State Park and spotted a number of American Redstarts catching some rays and more bugs!
 I like those wacky Gray Catbirds!
If you listen to their call, they're saying "Dave, Dave!"

 Phil has always been a hater of those ubiquitous, every present House Sparrows.
We have a number of them right outside our shop door...chirping non-stop.
CHIRP...CHIRP...CHIRP! (Obnoxious little song.)
Now that he knows there are some pretty ones like this Chipping Sparrow with nicer songs maybe he'll lighten up...or not.

 My only shot of a Yellow Warbly for the day.
There were hundreds out there...all on the other side of the trees...or up in the rainy branches...

 You can always count on seeing a gang of House Wrens checking out every hole in every tree.
This one's taking a break.
It's hard work looking for a new home!

 Like Phil, this Eastern Screech Owl is beat...a long day of being the sun is out and the warmth is making us all a little drowsy...nap time!

Well kiddies, that's all for now...
Oh, yes, there will be more to come!
Stay tuned!

*Holy Catbirds! I just noticed that this is my 500th post! I can't believe it lasted so long...and that someone (Red and Karen!) is still reading my insane rambles.


  1. Today I identified only one warbler ..a yellow. I heard and saw others. Some day I will have to be patient and sit still and take a good look at warblers. My elderly friend, Dorothy, has always told me to sit at the side of the stream and the birds will fly by.

  2. Wonderful birding day for the two of you! Loads of great photos! Entertaining narrative! And Happy 500th!!! I know you are so happy to now share in this with your brother. It's a treasure for you both, the time together, the bird finds! Wonderful! keep it up!

    1. Hard to believe...500 posts...and folks haven't run away yet!
      Thanks Marie!

  3. These are some terrific shots of beautiful birds! If they don't mind the rain, I don't see why we should! Congrats on the 500 milestone!

    1. Thank you Betty! We won't melt...though the camera...well...

  4. Lovely area full of great warblers! Rain or shine, it's the birding way:)

  5. So glad to have found your blog. Love your pics and attitude. I'm volunteering where yellow warblers breed. I can here their sweet,sweet,sweet, oh-so-sweets and see blurry yellow as they wizz into the willows that are yellow-green and completely hide them. So I haven't gotten a single picture in a month of living with them.

    1. I'm glad you found me too Marilyn! Hopefully you'll visit more!