Wednesday, May 13, 2015 lbj kinda day...

 YES! A Clay-colored Sparrow!
We seldom chase after rarities in our area, they're usually gone by the time we get there...
THIS TIME...we thought "What the heck!" On our way to Mother Doodles for party time, we stopped at Wendy Park, now part of the Cleveland Metroparks system. We had heard a Clay-colored Sparrow had been spotted on and off there along with a few warblies. We saw a "little brown job," aka LBJ, skulking about in the scrub...could it be? Nah. Then it disappeared as I took a couple of "insurance" shots. (I need to practice focusing...maybe next year...) As I was editing pics, I saw this shot of what I assumed was just another Chipping Sparrow...but wait, it just doesn't look right for a it's in the scrub...hmmm...lemme send this to our good burd buddy and all around super genius, Jim McCormac. He, too, believes it to be the Clay-colored Sparrow!

Image result for play-doh.
 What color is "clay-colored" anyhow?!

 SOOOO, anyway, it was definitely a little brown job kind of day...

 There's a brown bird in the center of this photo...really!

 That Brown Thrasher was just hiding under the leaves.
What a goof ball...

 Speaking of hiding in leaves, this is a Chipping Sparrow running away from me.
Not to be confused with the other little brown job that is clay colored...not like Play-Doh...

Hey look! A big boat!
Oh, and a Caspian Tern too.

Along with the two Worm-eating Ground Thrushes(Robins...) there's a Hermit Thrush.
A not as little brownish job.

 Back to lbj's...a little Lincoln's Sparrow.
Isn't he precious?

 Yeah I know, these are black and white.
It's my blog, so I can do anything I want! Ha! wait...Downy...uh...yeah...Downy Woodpeckers.
The one on the right wasn't sure either...

 Now this is a Hairy Woodpecker...or is it?...yeah...or...wait...yeah.

 Eastern Kingbirds enjoy watching speedboats in between eating bugs.
I read that In Kimmay & Kenn Kaufman and Jeff Sayre's new book.
What? Why would I make that up?
Buy the book and find out...

 I think this is a Palm Beach Warbly.

Sheesh, angry little bird...he's just a PALM WARBLER.

 For you gullophiles, that's a Bonaparte's Gull in "breeding plumage."
Wow...gray and white AND black...
Notice how I really zoomed in on it...NOT.

 Okay, let's get back to little brown jobs...
Second best bird of the day!

 Savannah Sparrows were everywhere! In the lawns and on the beach!
AND they even let me get a few butt shots!

 For you kids into fun facts...
Savannah Sparrows don't fly, they hover.
Again, look in Kenny & kids new book.
(Shameless plug number two.)
(I don't get paid for this either.)
(Though a new t-shirt would be nice...hint-hint!)

 "Loopy, you really are getting loopy...uh...loopier."

 Not so little, not so brown, a White-crowned Sparrow.

 Like you right about now, he's falling asleep.

 It's another lovely out of focus shot of a not so "lbj" lbj...a White-throated Sparrow.

 And now for something completely different...little yellow jobs!
Ahh, the young love and blank stares of Yellow Warlbies...
"Duh...tweet...what do we do next?"

A little Yellow-rumped to taunt you until...


  1. Lbj's and warblies are very hard to spot and then they sit in the most awkward place imaginable.

    1. You need to be a yoga master to contort yourself into a position to see them sometimes!