Wednesday, May 6, 2015


 Black Racers acting racy.

Ah yes...spring hath sprung at last...and love is in the air...or in the murky pond water...and the trees...and the shrubbery. I'm sure you understand, if not, ask your parents.

Another lovely day at Carlisle Reservation...we went to remove my photo exhibit and then go for a wee little walk...that turned into three miles. "Hmmm, never saw that trail before, I wonder where it goes..." Anyway, the birds were singing their little brains out everywhere...but not in plain sight of course. That would make it too easy...

 It seems the Mrs. has disappeared and he looked everywhere...
"Oh dear! Where are yoooooo?!"

 One Black-capped Chickadee out in the open...

 ...and one trying to hide.

 We watched two Chipping Sparrows chasing each other through this tree.
They finally got tired and sat still for me.
Acting puffy makes you look more ferocious.
I tried, it didn't work for me.

 Thank you for being still.

 You may sense a theme here today.
Hide and seek.
The Doodles somehow spotted this Green Heron preening up in a tree.
Magical Doodles eyes! OOOOOOH!

 This Lincoln's Sparrow was too tired to try to hide.

 Amazing how a bird as bright as an Eastern Towhee can almost become invisible in the scrub.

 We could hear him singing, but had a heck of a time finding him!

 These Midland Painted Turtles were catching some rays...until they spotted us.

 Three turtles playing peek-a-boo with us!

 Tree Swallows are checking out the neighborhood for a nice nest hole...

Yellow Warblies are not at all good at hiding.
(Wait for the next few posts...I'll give you a hint...MAGEE MADNESS!)

 Yep. Hiding. But not well enough!
Love those Song Sparrows!

A Chipper little booty for you!

Since this visit to Carlisle, we've been to Magee Marsh twice, Metzger Marsh, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Wendy Park in oh my, 
do I have some cool birds coming up!


  1. :-) it definitely has sprung! I'm heading up to Magee soon to see the warblers. Can't wait!

  2. Your three mile walk was very rich in what you found. It even gave you the theme...hide and seek.

    1. I've loved hide and seek ever since I was a kid(not that I'm grown up now!)