Monday, September 21, 2015

Left Overs...

 This Eastern Kingbird was with its mate at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

No time to bird this summer with selling Birdland and finding a new humble abode(MUCH closer to work I might add!) These pics are from a newly discovered file from the end of Magee Marsh! My mostest favoritest place to see them lil birdie things. I like when I find folders that I forgot about...there's probably a few more floating in the crazy machine somewhere. One day...

In the meantime, until I get back out there, enjoy a day in the life of Magee Marsh! 
(Oh, yeah, and Ottawa NWR...and Metzger Marsh too!)

 "I spy with my beady eye...JUICY BUGS!"
Downy Woodpeckers get excited when they see lunch!

 I think this Yellow Warbly spotted that tiny flower fly zipping up behind him!

 Once again foiled by the ever skulking Wilson's Warbly!

 Red-eyed Vireos follow me around and watch...and laugh...that's why their eyes are red...too much laughing 'til they cry...rude.

It was fun watching these Ruddy Turnstones zigzag up and down the breakwall.

 They figured out I was watching them.
Very odd faces when you see them head on...

 I still love those singy Song Sparrows!

 Uh...Swainson's Thrush. Yeah, that's it. Maybe.

 "Hey fellas! Ya gotta check this out! Hubba-hubba!"
A male Tree Swallows big night out....

Aren't those Magnolia Warblys great?

It takes a special bird to get his beak stuck in a leaf...doh!

 I like when Grackles grack.

 I don't like it when Blandings Turtles smile at me.
They give me the creeps...

 Then I heard this Baltimorian type Oriole sing and I was all better.

Then he stuck his butt out at me...rrrrrrr.....

 Warbly booties are cute!

 I think this American Redstart was angry with me.
I think he has Marty Feldman eyes...

 Since I'm not running for president, I will offend cormorant lovers and say that Double-crested Cormorants look stoopid.
So there.

I'm always amazed when someone spots one of these out in the distance and hidden in the branches.
(If I made the photo bigger it would be too easy!)

 I don't think I'll be seeing anymore Eastern Tiger Swallowtails for a while...

 A very hard to get butterfly butt!

 This is a Flycatcher.
Yes it is.
A small one.
With wing bars...and an eye ring...yep.
It's definitely a Flycatcher.

 Taunting me with it's mysteriousness.

 I think that stoopid Cormorant laughed so loud he scared the Greta Egret(Yes, "Greta," we're close personal friends.)
Don't scare Egrets...they'll poke yer eyes out!

 Ooooo! Hiding in the leaves!
It's a Great Crested Flycatcher...hiding his great crest.
Elvis had a crest too.

I shall leave you with the flying fanny of a Great Blue Heron this week.
Don't be blue heron, there's plenty of fish and frogs!

 Thank you for visiting!


  1. That was a major file to discover. I do appreciate your captions. I hope the move goes well.

    1. Thanks Red!
      All moved in and ready to bird...

  2. What a great variety of birds! Love the smiling turtle!

    1. That smiling turtle is still a little spooky!

  3. Wonderful variety of birds and great photos.

  4.'s always fun reading your posts, Dave. You have a way with wordies! :-)
    p.s. I loved the shot of the little downy!

  5. Great series, Dave! Nice job spotting that owl!

    1. (Don't tell, but someone pointed that owl out and I just overheard them...shhhh!)

  6. Marvellous variety of birds in this post. Love the shots of the Turnstone in the Zig Zag thing