Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feed Yer Brain!

  Hello little buddies! I have just two more books to recommend for your perusal...for now...

 First up is a very interesting tome about the history of feeding birds, oddly enough titled "Feeding Wild Birds in America." Written by Paul J. Baicich(who may deny knowing me!,) Margaret A. Barker and Carrol L Henderson.

As you probably know, or not, I was very fond of all the birdies(95 species!) that visited my feeding sanctuary in the past. Our new feeding station has been downsized, but we're still getting plenty of company! This book on feeding was a great addition to my library, and definitely something different and original.

The book is broken down by decades, starting before 1900 and progressing into the 21st century( that would be now.) Reading about the earliest experiences of feeding wild birds was a surprise to me. I think a lot of us take it for granted that feeders and seed are readily available and common, but not in the beginning. Early on it was kitchen crumbs or ears of corn if available just tossed out the door or window. Now we're spoiled with the choices of specialized seed and feeders...all of this is covered in detail with many stories and historical anecdotes.

The illustrations and old ads for bird gear and feeders are really eye opening to the past. I still haven't finished reading the book, I keep getting stuck looking at the pictures, I am but a simple Dave as you well know! If you love feeding your feathered friends, invest in a copy of this book, I know you'll enjoy it...
  Paul likes to cuddle with chipmunks too!
At least I think he was cuddling Bobb...

 This Red-bellied Woodpecker chows down on my peanut feeder.
Over 50 million of us are out there feeding birdies!

 And now for some silliness and a few deep thoughts thrown in... Al Batt has a new book titled "A Life Gone to the Birds." If you read Bird Watcher's Digest then you're probably familiar with Al's humor(and some of my photos!) I love the short stories he tells, some serious, some not even close to serious, but all worth reading. As you go through the book, you'll find yourself saying "Oh, yeah, I've done that...or been there." I found myself reading the book with Al's voice narrating it, he has a very distinctive style, light and easy. This is a great book to help you escape reality and get a few giggles in!
This is Al explaining what a water bottle is used for at the Midwest Birding Symposium.
Very insightful...I think...

Both of these books are available through the Nature Shop at Bird Watcher's Digest.
You can even get autographed copies! (I did!)

Next time...fall birding in Monroe Falls!


  1. I had the pleasure of hearing Al Batt speak. He was awesome. I haven't looked at a bird feeding book for a loooong time. I'll have to look for these.

    1. These are books I ACTUALLY BOUGHT MYSELF! I really liked them...plus I think Paul would beat me up if I didn't read his book...

  2. Interesting take on these books. Thanks! Cute photos too....cuddling a chipmunk! Love it! :-)

    1. (Shhh...Paul was actually trying to eat Bobb the Chipmunk. Bobb has that effect on people...)

  3. It appears that my damaged crow is still here despite most of them having migrated as far south as Oklahoma from Canada ... and, he has two buddies. My husband is calling them Limpy and his band of Misfits... I'll try to help them, but honestly...I think the darn magpies will be the biggest challenge for them. If they don't stand their ground..they'll starve.... poor guys. One has a damaged wing worse than LImpy's... and the other is a tiny crow... maybe a late baby or a runt of the litter... I don't know. I hope they make it ...I'll try my best to help them.....but, short of shooting magpies I don't know how.....