Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gone Fishin'...part deux...(fancy, eh?)

 ...still hunting for tasty tidbits...

 ...nothing but mud...

 ...hmmmm...something smells fishy...

 So....yet another collection of lost and found files. This is from the same walk in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, obviously in warm spring weather, from last year. Soon we shall have warmth, sunshine and happy birdies again, although this winter has had a number of nice "spring" days.

I've been exploring the local parks all winter, though not usually with a camera. It's just nice to be out in nature sometimes...and NOT hear the latest idiotic thing Trump has done or said...not to start a rant...BUT...I have friends from the world over and Americans are becoming the laughing stock of the planet due to their support of this moron. I just don't get it...okay, enough...back to nature where we all feel better!

 My ramblings are probably putting you to sleep just like this Red Squirrel all cozy in the warm rays of the sun.

Midland Painted Turtles get cranky when it comes to sharing their special sunny log...


Oooohhhh....a Yellow Warbly thing!
It's almost time for the Biggest Week in American Birding!

Female Red-winged Blackbirds seemed to always get ignored by birders.
It's such a pretty bird!

 There's someone naked wandering around here!

That Great Blue Heron was still fishing in the same area, but was looking a bit puzzled...

 I think that guy in the foreground was making him a little uncomfortable!

 A very prehistoric Snapping Turtle was chillin' out close by.
A toddler was walking by when I was taking these photos and he thought it was a dead dinosaur laying there...and then it moved and scared the daylights out of him!
I only laughed a little...

Tree Swallows are insecure and need to checks their parts a lot.
I read that in a field guide...I think...

 This White-breasted Nuthatch was searching out a juicy meal from the cracks and crevices...yum.

 Like you, the Red Squirrel has been bored to sleep by my blog...zzzzz.....

 I had the hardest time trying to catch this Palm Warbly. 
He kept hoping in and out of branches...looking over at me...and laughing.
Very rude little warbly.

 Whenever a Bald Eagle soars overhead, everyone in the area stops and goes "Ooooooo!"
A true symbol of American politicians...a thieving opportunist.

 Great Blues are the only ones that laugh at my poor humor...
 I would prefer a Black Rat Snake or any cold blooded reptile over a few unmentionable ultra right-winged, war mongering, wall building, anti middle class...anyway...never mind.
 I shall leave you now with the butt of a Yellow-rumped Warbly...a nice spot that's easy to see...that Trump can kiss...or Rubio...or Cruz...or...I'm out!


  1. Great variety. We were embarrassed for 10 years by Harper being our prime minister.

  2. The entire institution has become an embarrassment, if you ask me. But you didn't, so instead I'll focus on your wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing these great captures!