Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another new park...and no bear butts...

 The new and improved Pond Brook.

In my never ending search for a bird that will sit still and face me, I ended up at another new park for me. Part of Liberty Park and the Summit Metro Park system, the Pond Brook conservation area has a great trail and boardwalk open for some wonderful possibilities.

While the morning I spent wandering through wasn't the best of weather for birding, this place is going to be fantastic in the spring! There's the meandering brook, plenty of wetlands and boggy areas, large trees, an open meadow and a boardwalk running through the woodland for you folks that don't like muddy shoes or wet feet.. If it would have been warmer, I may have gone bare foot...easier to clean than my boots!

Though I didn't see much, I could hear quite a few birds singing and calling high up in the trees. When things warm up, they will have plenty of places to perch lower...and I'll be waiting!

 While walking through the mud off trail, a large raptory looking thing zoomed past me at eye level.
When it alit in a tree off in the distance, I saw that it was a Barred Owl!
It flew off before I could move and get a better angle...then I heard TWO calling in the distance!
Any day you actually see and owl is a good day.

 This Mourning Dove was the only bird that came down low enough for me...


 This boardwalk was great, but VERY slippery. 
I walked along the side of it...much quieter that way too!
 While I was walking along the boardwalk I heard strange sounds coming towards me.
I knew there were coyote in the area and became a little concerned as it was moving quickly in my direction.
Oh, never was a flock of Tundra Swans flying overhead!
Being in and amongst the tall trees isn't good for flight photography...

 At the end of my walk at Pond Brook, another birder asked if I've ever been to the Liberty Park Nature Center or the Ledges area. Well, I've never bee to Liberty

Of course being a birder of reasonable birdiness, I was up early...and too early for the nature center. That will have to be another day, maybe when I take brother Phil, the late sleeper, out birding. I did walk the trails in the slush, ice and mud to the ledges. They have a nice boardwalk there kids and your fear of mud...

There was a sign at the beginning of the trail stating black bears live in the area and to stay on the trail. I was so excited about putting a shot of a bear butt on my blog! Butt, no bear butts were seen...maybe next time!

 No  bear butt shots, but I did see a Tufted TITmouse.
(Bad humor tonight...sorry...)

 This looked like the perfect spot for a black bear to pop out of...nope.

 I love hiking around these ledges...just watch out for the ice...whoaaaaa...
(Still no bear butts...)
 I did see one of these big black birds with a red head and ivory beak soaring overhead.
Possibly a "Creagle!"

 The only bare butt you'll see here is this Northern Cardinal.
Lucky you!


  1. Always great to find a new birding area. Yes, things will soon be getting busy.

  2. Great job, Dave. Better luck with the bear butts next time. And thanks for your 13 years of hard labor contributions at ClearSonic!

  3. Well....I for one am glad that you didn't happen on a bear! We may not have seen any shots at all !@

    how I love the colours of Cardinals....just amazing...

  4. Enjoyed your post. But aren't you somehow leaving your principals behind with those excellent frontal shots?