Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The SECOND Atlas of Breeding Birds in Ohio...

 A beautiful cover by Julie Zickafoose!

After years of hard work by a great staff, including Matt Shumar, the "Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds in Ohio" is out. And what an amazing book it is! Nearly 1000 birders in Ohio volunteered their time in observing and recording all of the data needed to make this book...then add on the hours spent by the staff organizing and presenting all of the data...it's mind boggling.

I couldn't begin to describe all of the info in this book. More than 200 species of birds that nest in Ohio, including many that weren't recorded in the previous atlas and some that had never been recorded as nesting in Ohio are shown in this book. Each listed species has photos and data regarding where they nest in the state, population status, conservation info and general information about the birds themselves.

If you're a birder in Ohio, you really need this book, it's a font of valuable information on species you may be looking for and it's a great way to support further research in our great state.

Oh, did I mention that I have a few photos published in this book? What a coincidence that I would mention this book...(it really is an outstanding book to own, even with my photos included!)

If you go to the Penn State Publishing (just click on that link!) website now, you can get this book at a discount by using the discount code "OH16."

Thanks for supporting Ohio birding!

Here's a sample page...

 Matt Shumar giving a talk about the Atlas recently at the West Creek Nature Center.

 Yes, that is fear in his eyes...everyone tries to run when I'm near, but he couldn't get away!
Would you believe someone actually asked me to sign their book?
 Here's a few of my photos from the Atlas...

 This is a Baltimore Oriole nest I spotted at Magee Marsh.

 This Black-capped Chickadee nested in this box at my old house.
I have the box hanging outside my door at my new apartment and guess what?
There's Chickadees in it again!

 Once again at Magee, a Common Nighthawk chillin...

 A Great Horned Owl waiting for darkness to fall.
 I watched these Trumpeter Swans for months at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

This was one of my favorites and I'm really happy that it got in.
This adult Yellow-billed Cuckoo was cramming dragonflies down the gullet of that VERY hungry fledgling.

If you don't live in Ohio, check with your area birding groups, your state or country may be working on an atlas as well and need your support!


  1. Cool stuff! Can you make one up for NC?

  2. We've done a second Breeding birds of Alberta. It's a long process and constantly changing.

  3. The Atlas was a huge success thanks to awesome people like you, Dave!

  4. Congratulations on being in the book.

  5. These types of books are really important - and they give a chance to 'everyday' birders to contribute in a real way.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne