Tuesday, May 24, 2016

THE BIGGEST WEEK IN AMERICAN BIRDING...well maybe just a day...

I saw a couple craning their necks trying to spy something in the brush a ways back.
Amazingly, I spotted that American Woodcock right away!

Yep, just one day. I did make it out once the week before, butt it wasn't as special as this day! Great weather for warbling! Pouring rain, wind, sleet, snow, rain again, sun, wind, cold, rain, sun, repeat...

It was definitely not a great day for anyone that wasn't truly serious about watching warblies on the boardwalk at Magee Marsh! But what fun I had! TWENTY species of warblies for me in about 3 hours and I never left the boardwalk...until my stomach made some sort of odd noise, not unlike the sounds those warblies make when they need more bugs! I need to bring a samich with me from now on...

 This Bald Eagle kid was peeking up every once in a while to check out the crazy birders down below.
His nest was just across from the east entrance to the boardwalk.

 While everyone was(rightfully) oohing and aahing over a Blackburnian Warbly, this Black-throated Blue warbly popped out right in front of me. 
I had to take advantage of his lovely posing.

 He was even kind enough to show me his best side!

The west end of the boardwalk was "buzzing" with the sounds of Black-throated Green Warblies!
They love to come down low on twigs to say hello!

 What a cute little feathery fanny he has!

 Chestnut-sided Warblies think I'm as odd as you do...

 As always, he was kind enough to oblige a nice southern exposure for me!

This is my favorite Cape May shot of all time!
At least until next time...

 This is more the typical view of a Cape May Warbly...

 There was a crowd trying to find this Canada Warbly in some underbrush.
I watched which way he was heading while he was foraging, and took a walk further down the boardwalk...and patiently waiting.
Ta-da! Out he popped right where I was waiting. He was too kind...

 As usual, Common Yellowthroats make it hard to seen them.
I spotted this guy, waaaay back in the water splish-splashing and managed to get one butt shot!
Success for me while others get frustrated.
Learn to embrace the booty!

 Gray Catbirds are ALWAYS heading away!

 Least Flycatchers are soooo cute!
I could just hug him up.
"Who's my precious lil buggy-boo?"
Why are you looking at me like that?

 When you hear that twangy drawl, you know you got yerself one of them Nashville Warblies...y'all.

 The southern end of that southern bird.

 Speaking of Nashville...(clever segue!)
It was a big day for Tennessee Warblies!
I don't think I've ever seen so many or so close!

 I think the long flight to Magee befuddled this one...
A couple more juicy bugs and he'll be fine..or he'll turn out a little different...like me!

 I saw this Prothonotary Warbly with the punky hair do the last week also.
I thought maybe he just got into something...a little Lady Clairol maybe!

 Butt after a week of rain...and snow...and sleet...his style hasn't washed out!

 Funny thing, I didn't realize until I was editing these photos that this was a Philadelphia Vireo!
I thought he was just a very bright and kindly Warbling Vireo.
I really need to pay more attention to Vireos...
I like Oreo's too by the way...the cookie....and the bird...

 Kind of hard to see his bright yellow throat from here I guess...

 Orange-crowned Warblies are still giving me a hard time.
I chased him back and forth through the underbrush looking for a gap to shoot through.
This will have to do. 
Next year!

 The original angry bird...
Why so cranky bro?

 From the side Northern Parulas just look confused.
 From behind he looks determined to get that big juicy bug!
"Ready, set, DIVE!!!"

 Warbling Vireos look like they're bored to tears...
"Ho-hum. Another day at the office...now hows that tune go I should sing? Oh well, close enough."
(That's a joke about the rambling melody they sing. Ha...or not.)

 Now this Yellow Warbly knows his song quite well...and will sing it over and over and over...

 And last butt not least, a little Magnolia behind for your enjoyment!

Oh dear, there will be more! This is only from the first hour and a half on the boardwalk...I'll have a couple more photos to post soon!



  1. What lovely subtle colors. I have never seen these little birds so your photos make me smile. They are all pretty birds but I think I like the flycatcher the best.

  2. Wow! What an amazing set of pictures. What a day you had.

    1. Thanks Andy! It's always amazing at Magee!

  3. Always a pleasure to see these beautiful creatures through your lens in the dry comfort of home. Don't catch a cold out there.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You're just afraid I'll miss more work!

  4. This like a warbly bird book but with better photos. You had a great afternoon.

    1. Thanks Red...maybe a publisher will get the hint!

  5. wow- what a super series of photos!!

    1. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha(I couldn't help it!) Thanks!

  6. Great post and so wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks Anu! I had a truly wonderful time taking those photos!