Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hoooo's There?!

 If you look very closely...WHO'S in there?

Oh kids, we're gong waaayyy back in the way back machine today! Back to May 9th to be precise. Like I said, I'm way behind! In addition to visiting my favorite little marsh on this day, I went to Maumee State Park to see some friends at the Biggest Week event! While there, how could I resist an evening stroll along their boardwalk and through the woods? Correct! I could not resist...other wise there wouldn't be any photos here, would there? Silly kids...

It was a dreary evening, chilly, breezy and very cloudy, butt that never stopped me before(actually it has a few times, but not any longer!) The high point was walking past the owl box on the tree because nothing was visible. I then passed a couple that asked what had I seen so far and did I see the owlet in the box. WHAT? OWLET? WHERE?...said I. We walked back to the box I passed and with squinty eyes I could see some squinty eyes looking back! Well I'll be! I could faintly make out an adult Eastern Screech Owl in the back and the fuzzy head of the owlet in the front.

I don't carry a flash during migration time as to not annoy or scare off any possible nesting birds. I decided(and you can yell at me!) to try the built in feeble-flash on the camera to see if it would give me a little more view as to what's inside that box. Yep, there they are! I can see the sleepy adult more clearly and the owlet giving me the evil eye for disturbing him. I got a shot and I was satisfied to leave them in peace. Whoooo's my buddy?!

 Uh, I don't think the owls are living here any longer...
Lot's of honey bees though!

 Since I'm on a holey roll here...
this Black-capped Chickadee was busy excavating this tree trunk for it's new home.

 Name this bird without looking down to the next photo!
It's a Birds From Behind pop quiz!

 It's one of them crazy "Common" Yellowthroats!
Yep, commonly heard, butt seldomly seen!
(Is "seldomly" a word?)
 Not too many warlbies around, butt I did manage to find this singing Northern Cardinal.
They don't normally like to hold still for me.
I thanked her very nicely.

 Mr. Martin said she's quite shy with photographers.
"It's hard being purple ya know."

 No, this Red-winged Blackbird wasn't shy.
Are they ever?
He was splish-splashing in the marsh along the boardwalk, then took a sniff.
Maybe one more dunk in the pool...
He was VERY late for his Saturday night bath...

 Shaking off the pond water...I don't know if that was any better...

 That's a late evening snack...not a cheap cigar...

 This Veery eyed something down in that log...
A little tasty grub perhaps"

 I usually pass by the white-tailed deer without much notice.
I thought I should take one shot just for the heck of it.
No feathers...not a Killdeer...

 Now, a White-throated Sparrow on the other hand!
I will gladly take a shot of one of those as it may bee the last one until late fall around here!

Well, that was my short walk around Maumee. Thanks for walking with me...if you're still here...I can't see you...or can I...MWAHAHA!!!

Stay tuned!
Next week...MAGEE MARSH...and warblies!!
Wait a second, that's not a warbly!
 Oh well, stop back next week and we'll figure this thing out...


  1. what a wonderful post. you made me smile all the way through. love the capture of the owl. how awesome... the red winged blackbird seemed quite animated for you. i had one swoop down just above my head for about a week while i was walking. i think it was protecting either a nest or possibly a young red wing. it too made me smile. she isn't there lately. must have moved on. hope all is well. have a great night~

  2. So what do some of these critters really think of us. some have incredible hearing. some have a sense of smell we cannot imagine and some can see many times better that us. With all these senses what do they get on us.?

  3. Nice set of pictures as usual. We have an issue here with introduced honey bees taking over nest holes (and nest boxes for that matter) and these bees are much more aggressive than the native bees.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne