Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Somewhere Near a Downtown Metropolis...

 An American Goldfinch just getting into his summerwear... cool!

This is from a lovely warm late spring(May) walk at Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve. A Friday morning and not a soul in sight! Everyone must have been at work downtown, my favorite way to find a park! I could wander all over in peace...I'm amazed, but happy that there aren't more folks taking advantage of this area. It's right off the freeway and runs along the shores of Lake Erie with well kept trails wrapping around. AND it's a fantastic migrant trap in spring and fall.

I walked around all of the trails, saw a few birds and even managed a few focus!...sort of...then I found a side trail that led to a sandy spot, sat in the sun and had a peace and quiet just minutes from the hustle and is good!

(I should also mention that this was long before those wacky republicans and the massive police forces were around.)

 I heard more Baltimore Orioles than I could see!
They were all tree top singers competing the attention of those ladies in hiding...

 A Brown-headed Cowbird.
Obnoxious, but handsome...just like me!
Or not...

 Cedar Waxwings were in abundance and all facing the proper direction!

 From this angle you can even see the waxy bits on his wings.
Wow, I'll bet that's how they got their name!
Who needs Wikipedia when you have me?

 Another lovely angle!
Who's my buddy?

 Yep, It's a Common Yellowthroat.
He's one of those warblies that you hear, but seldom see.

 Uh, excuse me! 
I don't believe that's your nest!
This Eastern Kingbird was looking for pre-owned homes to save a little construction time...
A little too small I think...

Gotta love those Gray Catbirds!

 There weren't a lot of warbly migrants this late in the month...
This Northern Parula was a definite treat!

 A first year Orchard Oriole!
Another bird that I don't often come across.
Another reason to watch this park in early to mid May.

 This wee little Ruby-throated Hummingbird was master of all he surveyed!

 Yes, I love Song Sparrows almost as much as warbly things!
Especially when they are blasting out their hit songs!

 "Well, how was that?"
I asked for an encore of course...

 Warbling Vireos are another of those birds that I hear and see a lot of in the spring, then poof, they're gone!

 Oh those Empidonax Flycatchers!
I can never figure them out unless they sing a little...

 Right on cue!
It's a Willow Flycatcher!

 My favorite photo of the day was this female Yellow Warbler posing so pretty for me.

Oops! Her boyfriend caught me staring!
I gotta go!

See you next week!


  1. Funny commentary and excellent photos! Nicely captured!

  2. What a tour! I saw some flycatchers this spring and found out I had to look at more details for identification.

    1. They're still better than those goofy gulls!

  3. Delightful photos… Very pleasant...Funny analysis and phenomenal photographs! Pleasantly caught!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed a bit of my silly birding!

  4. Great shots - I always hear more birds than I see, and certainly more than I photograph!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Hello Stewart! I only wish I could remember whose song is whose...