Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blahblahblahburdz buttz blahblahblah...

 A little Black-capped Chickadee busy pounding the brains out of a cute lil

 Yep. Blahblahblahblah...sometimes I have nothing nice to say, SO, I say blahblahblahblahblah. I could be a politician! Butt, we'll avoid that subject for now... Well guess what? I was at a park looking at burdz! Go figure. It's nice to get away from all of the crap in the news and wrap ones head around what's really important in the world. Let's just hope that those morons don't bulldoze it all in the name of progress and seven jobs for somebodies cousin.

Oops...there I go again! Sorry. Idiot moron politiciansssssorry...I just can't help it. ANYWAY...Cuyahoga Valley National Park...Ira know, where the beavers and the otters live? Wink, wink, nod, nod. Yeah, I've never seen them either. Vile rumors, that's all they are. Speaking of vile rumors, have you seen the TV ads for that idiot running for...oops...nevermind.

Yeah, the park, I was walking in the park one day, in the very scary month, not May, September silly! I was lookin' at birdies! Yea! Burdz! A great day to be out and enjoying the sun and the birdz. It's been a record year for Green Herons in the you will soon see. The counts I've seen posted all have new record highs for those cute little green guys. A good sign of a healthy habitat.

So...shut up Dave...and let's look at some pictures of my day away from morons...

 LOTS of juvenile Cedar Waxwings were out clumsily trying to catch a meal.

 A Cedar Waxwing giving me a "sky five!"
"Yo, sup dawg?"
He was more of a "City" Waxwing...

 Out on a limb...just like some idiot moron politicians...oops again...

 Oooo...a hard bird from behind!

 Those flycatchers can be confusing!
He's a juvenile Eastern Phoebe.

 And another Eastern Phoebe.
I hadn't spotted one all summer until this day!

 Usually Great Blue Herons are too far away.
Not today!
This isn't cropped, he was really too close for my lens.

 If I go across the trail and off into the poison ivy(Oh sh**!) and the brambles, I can get a full shot!
Hmmm...why am I itching so much?
(Just kidding, poison ivy doesn't seem to bother me...lucky boy!)
 And another younger appearing GBH.

 I did warn you about the dearth of Green Herons, did I not? 
Here's the first one I spotted that day...

 ...and number two, slowly stalking it's prey...or doing a silly walk.
It's hard to tell with them...

 ...number three...
"Do my feet look too big?"

 ...number four...
Striking a pose...

 "WOW! Look at the size of that frog!"
So big, it's made his hair stand on end!

 ...and number five!...
He was the most well fed and the best hunter of the group...

 ...number six...
Hey, you got a little something stuck to your beak buddy!

 There ya go...much better.

 Nope, still no otters...

  Okay, back to being the mighty hunter...

 I have a number of crappy shots of him getting that fish, butt(ha!) I'll spare you...

 ...number seven!!
There were a lot of youngsters out hunting fishies and froggies today!
Sushi...yum yum.
And people wonder why I don't want sushi...seen too many birds eating raw meals...ick.

 AND...number eight!
One survey had nine that morning.

 Yes, there were a few other birds that almost stood still for me...
Like this Hairy Woodpecker that kept flying back and forth over my head.
I got him anyway!

 I have the hardest time trying to get a photo of a Northern Cardinal.
They love to hide whenever I spot them!
 A cute Red Squirrel destroying an Ohio buckeye...
(That's a sports joke for my brother Phil.)

 And a pretty flower.

A Midland Painted Turtle FROM BEHIND!
You won't see that on any other blogs!

 This is what a Wood Duck looks like when he's doing the old soft shoe dance on a log.
They've been known to do that in the fall for thousands of years.
It's very well documented.
More true facts that I learned from my politician friends...
"If you don't the facts, make them up as you go along."

Yep, he smells BS too.
No, don't worry. It's not coming from you!

 This was a very young Wood Duck.
Most of the ones spotted were a bit older...just like my brothers!
Hahahahah! They're old! Hahahaha!
(This is a test to see if they really read all of the gibberish I write...)

Oh, that reminds me. time to clean up and get outta here!

Butt first...a public service message!...

 Don't text and drive...or swim!
This could happen to you and will your insurance cover a bent beak?
I'll bet not...

Until we meet again...


  1. You had a good run on the green herons. Some of them look a little messed up or were in the process of grooming.

  2. Enjoyed your blog. Love how you can make simple things so much fun.