Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Went Cuckoo...

 Yep, we saw a Yellow-billed Cuckoo along the shores of Lake Erie!

 I'll bet you thought I was going to make some sort of political wise crack! Ha! I would NEVER stoop so, anyway...back to the program...

I managed to wake Phil up early again(he wasn't quite so cranky this time.) We went to an area near Lorain harbor west of Cleveland commonly known as the Lorain Impoundment. There's always something good to see out there and worth the drive. Lately, a Northern Shrike and a Cattle Egret have been spotted...and there's always a few ducks and coots to keep you occupied as well!

We never did see a shrike, but the cuckoo was a great find! My friend Ernie let me know about where it had been seen last..."Look for the crowd!" Out there a crowd is 4 or 5's not very busy, just a few birders and fishermen on most days. All in all it was a great warm and sunny November day, quite a change in the climate from years past...hint hint...
 Enough of that...let's look at some birdies!

 A scope would be handy out here...but that would be too much for me to carry cause I'm lazy.
We could make out those Buffleheads waaaaay in the back! American Wigeon trying to escape my view!
...and American Coots and Northern Sleepers...uh...Shovelers.

 I was surprised to see so many Clouded Sulphurs flitting about!
The weather had them me.

 A lone Dark-eyed Junco zipped through and sat for a second...not very patient...

 Talk about rarities! 
 How often does one get to see a Dock Owl sunning himself in the daytime?

 Wowie wow wow!
TWO rare Dock Owls sunning themselves.
Oh my, we were lucky boys!
Phil may argue that point...

 I do believe that is a juvenile Gadwall...with a stoopid coot trying to get in the pic...
Phil says I'm juvenile too.

 A number of Golden-crowned Kinglets were flitting faster than the speed of light through the trees.

 This guy was kind enough to sit still for almost a second!
AND he even turned around to allow me my prerequisite dorsal view!

 At first I thought it was Daffy Duck, but it turned out to be a Lesser Scaup.
I'm easily confused.


 This female Northern Shoveler was eye balling Phil and giving him the creeps.
I told him you get used to it.
I get the crazy eye all the time...never can figure out why...hmmm...

 When ya gotta itch, ya gotta scratch!

 That's a male Northern Shoveler by the way...
They must be rich...they always carry big bills!
Hahahahahaha...or not.

 Another rarity!
They had seen a Cattle Egret a few days prior...well that's nothing!
This is the rare sub-species known as "Notta."
Yep, Notta Cattle Egret.

 Pied-butt Grebe.

 Waaaayyy out there!
A lone Ring-necked Duck.
We gotta get Phil some 10X50's so he can see these things...

 Ruddy Ducks with an American Coot pretending to be one of the gang.
They try so hard...silly old coots.

 White-tailed Deer Duck.
Like I said, there's always something rare to be seen out there!
The nest on the top of the phragmities.
How could I make this stuff up?

 Okay, back to reality(or as close as I can get.)
Love those White-throated Sparrows!
I love their little whistley song!

 Well, it's time to sail off into the sunset until our never adventure in birding...real and imagined!
See ya out there somewhere!

 By the way...this guy wants Mr. Trump to give him his hair back...
Just thought I would help...


  1. You found some very attractive performers. What? No Canada geese? You made a couple of very sly comments on your election.

  2. What a great place for scenery and scoping out the wildlife. I don't think I ever thought about what a cuckoo actually looked like in real life so I'm happy to see it! The other shots are great, too, especially the deer butt! The notta is pretty cool, too :)

  3. Neat post. I might have to drive out that way to add one of those very rare dock owls to my life list...:)