Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! "Still Hunting for the Otters?"

 The infamous photographic evidence courtesy of my brother...Fabulous Phil...

So...there I was, hard at work...at work. Well, actually hardly working hard at not working hard to be honest...you know me. Anyway...suddenly my phone began to buzz and blink...it was an urgent text from my brother Phil(you know, the one I brainwashed into liking me and becoming a birder.) Of course being a loyal brother, I jumped for the phone to read, with bated breath, this urgent message from my brother, Phil, you know the one...the...uh, never mind...

I read with great excitement, and a little bit of jealousy(a lot actually) his text that he FOUND the otter at a local park, quite a distance from where I was told they would be. HOLY CATS Batman! As I looked at his amazing photo( amazingly blurry,) I thought to myself, "Myself, that doesn't look like an otter. THAT is a weasel!" I forwarded the photo to a couple of friends to confirm my identification and they also thought that photo was indeed blurry. And a weasel. An amazing find none the less. 

It's rare to see a weasel out in the open, and even rarer for Phil to be able to move fast enough to figure out how to A) Find his phone, B) Figure out how to turn it on and C) Actually take a photo. The boys got mad skills that I wasn't aware of apparently. Then after all that he managed to text it to me...on his first try! (Oh, I am having too much fun here, which I will soon regret.)

Moving on with this exciting news flash...this past Sunday was our little family Christmas gathering and feast at Fabulous Phil's with a delicious meal cooked up by Crazy Cookin' Carole! Nummy nums! The talk turned around to exchanging a couple of gifts...and the amazing discovery of the wild weasel in the woods...
 Yep. I was set up.
Phil bought a stuffed otter for me for Christmas and took the "blurry" photo of it just to pay me back for all of the "love" I've shown him over the years.
I'm still impressed that he pulled that off and managed to take a blurry photo on purpose.
Just wait...just you wait...

In the meantime, the hunt continues...

Until we meet again...out there somewhere...happy birding...or ottering!


  1. Kudos to Phil for pranking you so well. :) Clearly the sense of humor runs in the family. Thanks for the belly laugh!

  2. Now you two quit fighting! It's Christmas and you're supposed to be nice to each other! Merry Christmas to you and your family even though I'm a little late.

    1. Brothers are supposed to bicker! Just imagine, we worked together for the past 13 years too...eesh...

  3. Sounds like a prank I would play!! May 2017 be rich in otters and other good things!

    Hope you have a great Christmas - Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart! Have a great time on all of your travels!

  4. U can dis all u want about my skills with a phone,but I got cha!