Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Looking for the Last of the Warlbies...

 Sneaking up on a Blue Jay isn't easy, butt I got this one...
...then he started screaming and scared everything away...loud mouth.

 I had a nice walk along a different trail at Brust Park in Munroe Falls. I noticed a cut off through the woods that looked seldom traveled and decided to travel it. Some of it looked more like a deer path through the scrub, but there were more birds back there than along the paved path...and no ticks today! 3 hours, but not much to show for it. Some days are like that. It was a great wander though, and I'll have to add it to my spring list!

 The leaves are still full, but the colors are changing!
This Downy Woodpecker was busy finding snacks in this snag.

 My last time here earlier in the summer, I saw an Eastern Kingbird sitting on this nest.
No Kingbirds in sight today...

 Some days you really have to contort yourself to get a shot through the leaves and shrubs!
Gray Catbirds don't always take kindly to being spied on...

 THAT looks like the feathered fanny of a Warbly Thing!

 The only warbly species I found on this day, Magnolia!
There were a few of them working their way through the tangle of wildflowers.

 My only view of a Song Sparrow today...
He refused to turn around....cranky pants...

 This was the first Wooly Bear caterpillar I spotted so far this year.
I forgot if that stripe means a short winter or a long one...

 I only got a few awful shots of this bird way up in the tree tops.
The light wasn't the greatest, butt at least it's from behind!
Looking at the dark tail and the narrow wing bar, I think it's a female Scarlet Tanager.
The second best bird of the day!
Warblies always come first you know...

 Yes, it was a day of peek-a-boo birdy.
Red-bellied Woodpeckers seem to enjoy that game.

I posted pics a while ago of this Osprey on it's nearby nest.
On this day I watched him fly in circles carrying a fish.
I think he may have been lost and didn't want to ask for directions...

And there he goes, off in another direction.
Someone's going to get yelled at for being late with lunch...

Until we meet again...see ya out there somewhere!

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