Sunday, February 4, 2018

Superb Owl Sunday...

(Sorry, I didn't want to feel left out...)

 Barn Owl, rehab, Magee Marsh, Ohio

 Barred Owl, Huntington Reservation, Bay Village, Ohio

 Barred Owlet, Huntington Reservation, Bay Village, Ohio

 Black and White Owl, Mindo area, Ecuador

 Rare Dock Owl, Lorain Harbor, Ohio

 Eagle Owl, trained captive, Norwich, England

Eastern Screech Owl, Maumee Bay, Ohio

 Eastern Screech Owlet, Maumee Bay, Ohio

 Spectacled Owl, Pipeline Road, Panama

 Snowy Owl, rehab, Shreve, Ohio

 Short-eared Owl, Magee Marsh, Ohio

 Northern Saw-whet Owl, Magee Marsh, Ohio

 Long-eared Owl, Killdeer Plains, Ohio

 Great-horned Owlet, Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio
Great Horned Owl, rehab, Ohio

Must better than watching millionaires get richer "playing" football...

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