Sunday, April 8, 2018

Shhhh! It May Be Spring...Maybe...

 Well hello there...I'm back! Mwahaha!

So...anyway...after setting up my wonderful photo show, (I gave up humble for Lent)I went for a little walk about through the woods of Carlisle Reservation. The sun was out, mostly, the frogs were singing...until I walked near them, then poof they were gone, and the temps were above freezing. I think spring may actually be here!

Judging by the industrious little Black-capped Chickadee in these photos, she thinks it's spring as well. She was busy excavating a nest hole in a dead snag. Imagine building your house with your about splinters! There were few birds out and about during my walk, but a few is better than will be WARBLIE time soon!

 Uh, ya got a little something on yer choppers there buddy!

 Yum, soft rotten wood...must be one of those vegans...

 The fungus is among us!

 Yes, I'm still taking those behind shots...I try to be sneaky, some birds are offended you know.

 Oops! I'm busted!
There's no rage like the ire of an angry Mourning Dove...or maybe not.

 No, no, no, no, no...

 This female Red-bellied Woodpecker was busy redecorating her home for the new year.
And she was being harassed by a bored Red Squirrel down below.

 This is the obnoxious Red Squirrel that wanted ever so badly to look inside that nest hole.
Maybe he lost his nuts there...
 Just making sure there are no other visitors inside.

 A rare Rufus-booty Nuthatch!

 Uh, sorry...caught again.
He said he's a White-breasted Nuthatch.
My mistake...

Yep, the photos are still there! At least I think they are...I better call and check...

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