Thursday, May 3, 2018

A NOT SO Creepy Day at Magee Marsh...

 Oooooo! Orange-breasted Ground Thrush!

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago at Magee Marsh...(still getting caught up.)

Hard to believe, but the Biggest Week in American Birding is here at last...and I plan on being there quite a bit...and NOT at work! This past trip, nope, no warbly things, but lots of other birdies to keep me occupied. ya go...

 That fuzzy thing sticking up left of center is an eaglets wing!

 ...and on the far left you can see another begging for something to fill his ever growing stomach...

 It's always great to see a Blanding's Turtle.
They're an endangered species, but they can live to be 80 years old!

 Did I ever tell you how many Brown Creepers I saw?

 Hmmm...sure looks like a Chipping Sparrow to me, or is it a White-throated Sparrow. 
I'm confused today...well...everyday...

 This Downy Woodpecker was checking out the alignment of the branch...
"Seems pretty straight to me...okay, back to bugs..."

 There's always a few Great Egrets looking great...

 Why are Midland Painted Turtles always so angry?

 This lone Red-breasted Merganser kept staring at me.
Creepy duck...
Then again, I was staring at her too.

 A couple of Ring-necked Ducks.
I'm still trying to find the ring...

 Who's the cutest little boo-boo birdie?
I could just hug him up!

 This Ruby-crowned Kinglet got even closer to me, and it was the first time I heard him sing!
What an amazing little bird...I just stood there and listened.

 Speaking of confusing, Scaups of the Lesser variety.

 This was the most shy Song Sparrow I've seen in a long time.
Obviously, the ones that are more shy wouldn't be seen at all...

 It's a ping-pong ball with feathers!
Some people call them Winter Wrens, butt I like Feathered Ping-pong Ball better.

 You could tell this was a Hermit Thrush because he was alone...

I took made a quick visit to Ottawa Wildlife Refuge before I left for home, and it was a very productive little cruise!

 There was a good number of Blue-winged Teal packing their beaks...or bills...or choppers...


 I don't see Common Loons very often!
This beautiful guy was circling in the pond in front of the nature center, posing nicely.

 In the wetlands this gorgeous Horned Grebe stayed close enough for me to finally get a nice photo!
Scary eyes...boogie-boogie!

 Oops, I think I may have offended him, sorry...

Okay...that's it for now. The next two days will be spent at Magee Marsh...tracking down those wily warblys!

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  1. Thanks for the Orange Breasted Ground Thrush ident! Couldn’t find it on my own.