Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Looking for the Beaver at the Beaver Marsh...

 A day without a Song Sparrow is a day without sunshine...

...And this past Sunday starting out looking stormy, had some bright sunny patches, started looking gloomy, had some bright sunny patches...and so on. In other words typical weather for north east Ohio. To play it safe and ensure the weather would be great for the other Cuyahoga Valley National Park visitors, I brought the rain cover for my camera. Works every time.

So...anyway...the beavers at the beaver marsh. Remember how I was searching for northern river otters for so long? Well this is the place where I finally saw an otter...for a couple of seconds. The beavers dam has been pointed out to me numerous times, after which a scowl appears on my face. Then someone points out a "beaver" right in front of's a muskrat. "Are you sure? looks like a beaver..." Nope, it's a muskrat. "Well, I don't know..." I do, it's a muskrat. The beavers are hiding with the otters. "my,'re kinda cranky..." Shut up and leave me alone to sulk...

I don't understand why folks don't want to be my friend...

 WOW! It's an Orange-breasted Ground Thrush in a tree!
(I can call them anything I want! It's my blog!)

 A pair of very nice ladies walked past and asked if there had been any Bald Eagles sighted recently. soon as you leave I'm sure one will arrive.
And presto...

 Excuse me, Mr. Snek...there's a bug on your beak.

 For some reason folks flip out when I point out the Black Racer that's basking a few feet from them.
Snakes are good!
I'll admit I like watching people jump and run.

 This is a Blue Dasher dragonfly I'm posting for my brother Phil cause he hates bugs.
You're welcome! When's dinner?
 Besides, it's an insect not a bug. There's a difference.

 This Common Grackle picked an appropriate spot to chill out on.
It adds to his spookiness.

 Eastern Kingbird booty!

 A Gray Catbird singing his happy little ditty.

 A Gray Catbird displeased with me singing along.

 A Pterodactyl landing in the marsh.

 I think he may have landed on the Bittern I was trying to find.

 I like when big birds like Great Blue Herons are so close I have to back up to get a shot!
No cropping needed...

 You know your scratched the right itch when your hair stands up.

 The fearsome Green Heron in full stalking mode...

 And a mighty lunge and strike at an unaware little innocent fishy.

 And no fish, just a mouth full of water and duck weed.
Better luck next time...

 Okay, everybody say "Awwww!"
Little fuzzy Mallard!

 Poor Midland Painted Turtle...his front feet don't touch.
I think he got high centered on this AAA for a tow...

 He later got off and didn't think my joke was funny.
You probably didn't either...

 This Mourning Dove looks innocent...until he poops on your car.

 I love hearing the Northern Cardinals singing back and forth.

 Once again, my whistling along was not appreciated.

 Oh dear, this Red-bellied Woodpecker is going to have a very sore neck!
I hope that snack was worth the effort.

 This poor Red-tailed Hawk was just chillin' out minding his own business...
A gang of Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds were dive bombing him...

 He finally gave in.

 There were quite a few Silver-spotted Skippers working along the wildflowers.

 If you would have stayed in the nest, you'd be eating a juicy dragonfly right now.
But, have to be a big bird and leave the nest early...

 And there's a few of his siblings now...still one hiding in the nest waiting for a free meal.

 Getting ready for a hot date...gotta check for a nice fresh smell...

 Tree Swallows are just amazing to watch in the sunshine!

 The water lilies are starting to bloom!

 Mrs. Wood Duck and two of the kids relaxing by the pool.

 Mrs- Wood Duck has a bad temper and wants me to leave...fine, I'll leave...

 Another one wonders why I keep staring at them...

It was a great day even if I didn't see that non-existent beaver.
Maybe next time...
Stay tuned!

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