Saturday, April 27, 2024

We interupt the regular programming...First Warbly of the Year!!

They're back!

First of the year! Yellow-rumped Warbly!

I left work early a few days ago...actually I leave work early everyday...getting ready to retire in October! Woo-hoo!! Anyway, the weather was warm and beautiful so I thought I should get outside. And I did!

I live very close to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cascade Valley Parks of Summit county. Today I had a nice walk in the Cascade Valley View area, which is undergoing a redesign near the Cuyahoga river. They have nice easy trails that will lead to the river soon. I wandered down those trails, petted a few dogs, and saw a few here ya go!

A walk wouldn't be complete without an orange-breasted ground thrush...or what most people call an American Robin...whoops...wrong end...

A helpful couple and their floofy dog told me about a bald eagle nest a bit of a distance from the trail.

I could see an adult on the nest and at one point a little wiggly head!


A very naughty bird! Brown-headed cowbirds will lay their eggs in other birds nests for them to raise. The young will try to push the natural babes out of the nest and hog all the food.

Another invader! Cabbage White butterflies were introduced to North America in about 1860 in Quebec and have spread all over the continent.

BOB?! Is that you?

Nope, just another eastern chipmunk trying to hide in the leaf day Bob may be back!

Just a couple of puddle ducks playing in a puddle...

AKA Mallards...

I could head red-bellied woodpeckers everywhere, calling and slamming their heads into trees in search of a mate.

I rarely take flight shots, they make my vertigo kick in.

I took a chance with this red-tailed hawk and didn't fall over!

I like to watch red-winged blackbirds inflate.

I haven't seen one burst yet...

A female red-winged blackbird giving her hotsie- totsie pose for the males...

My favorite non-warbly! I like song sparrows, they sing all year just because they're happy.

They put a lot of effort into their singing!

 One last shot...the male yellow-rumped warbly showing off the yellow patch on his crown.


The Biggest Week in American Birding starts May 2nd!! I'll be there driving a few van trips and leading 2 beginner bird walks at Pearson Metropark near Toledo. If you see me, say hello!! 

See ya soon!


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