Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Meanwhile Back in of those days...

They always turn away when you press the shutter button...stoopid burds!

So, where was I? Oh yeah, Northwest Ohio at various locations driving and guiding for the Biggest Week in American Birding!! Since I've waited so long, these burds are from a number of places...and I don't remember which is which! Oh well, no matter.

Did ya ever notice some days no matter how prepared you are, things just seem to go awry (I love that word!) These photos are just a smidgen (love that one too!) of the delightful photos I am capable of taking And I'll bet you're gonna look at them too!...and say..."jeez, even I could do better!" Well, probably, butt this is my blog so you're going to have to wait your turn!

Enjoy the errors of my way...


My only shot of a Blackpoll time I'll get you!

Oh yes, a beautifully framed Magnolia Warbly...I was impressed with my skills with this shot...modern art,,,yep.

I was so excited to see a Northern Parula, I forgot about the tree in the way...oops.

What a beautifully framed and posed stick. Too bad that Prothonotary Warbly was in the background...jerk.

This one was not my fault! That silly Yellow Warbly fell down...I didn't laugh...much...

I gave up on Baltimore Orioles that day...nice behind though!

Playing peek-a-boo with a Blackburnian Warbly...thought he'd be fancy and flap at me! That's a rude gesture in burd language.

This is getting better! Only a piece of vine in front of this Chestnut-sided Warbly.


I forgot to warn you folks with snekaphobia. This is a lovely and harmless Eastern Fox Snake...

An Eastern Kingbird...he blinked...

One of my favorite shots of a Gray Catbird...too bad he has a little schmutz on his beak.

A lovely behind of a Magnolia Warbly...they're not all bad!

This Maggie was kind enough to point out the stick in the way...

Another butt shot! And again, this Northern Cardinal has a little schmutz on his chopper.

Such messy burds!

Well, it is "Birds From Behind!" This Northern Parula posed nicely for me. Everyone else stopped shooting...silly people...

Northern Parulas love to give me the crazy eye for some reason...

An excellent Prothonotary Warbly...and a leaf...

I don't do Photoshop!

Even 700mm of pure power couldn't bring this Red-headed Woodpecker closer.

Time for bigger glass!!

Oops...not a burd. A happy Snappy Turtle!

The skinniest Yellow Warbly I've ever seen!

There we go, that's more like it! Another chubby behind of a Yellow Warbly...


 And finally, butt certainly not least...the cutie patootie of a Prothonotary Warbly!

 That's all for now folks! I won't wait so long for the next installment of this silliness!

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