Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who's buried in Garfield's Monument?

Garfield's monument at Cleveland's Lakeview Cemetery

There are White-winged Crossbills near it and they're more important right now.
Everyone we've spoken with lately has seen them and keeps asking "Have you seen the Crossbills?, they're everywhere!". Well, every time we go chasing some crazy new bird, all we see is its tiny butt flying off into the sunset.

Get yer ice cold birders here!

This time we decided to give it another chance. And guess what, we saw three flying off into the sunset as usual.

As we were getting ready to pack it in, I saw a few birders in the distance with spotting scopes looking into a pine that we scanned earlier. They were waving at us to come and see. Lo and behold, more White-winged Crossbills had arrived and were feeding in the pines. If only I could stop my hands from shaking in the cold! We had been out for quite awhile at the lakefront looking at gulls. Not my idea of fun, I prefer woodsy birds, never know what you'll see.

I have another new bird to add to my list now. Dave's a happy boy.

White-winged Crossbill

Who's a pretty bird?

Lovin' them piney cones!

By the way, President James A. Garfield actually is in his monument...


  1. Wow! Excellent shots...way better than my sorry crossbill photo... Congrats. All the snow and cold is worth it when a new little gem like this one drops down to visit us!!

  2. Coldest I've ever been in my life was in Cleveland, LOL!
    Excellent images, fine blog.