Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few random acts of birdness...

Prothonotary Warbler...from behind! I can't seem to get a profile from these sunshine yellow little beasties!

I am sitting outside of the BirdMobile watching the sunset over the marsh. Can life be any better? We are located about three minutes from the infamous, ever popular Magee Marsh. The world headquarters for Warbly MAYhem every spring.

I'm watching the Red-winged Blackbirds coming in for the evening, the Tree and Barn Swallows zooming all around, Song Sparrows and Common Yellowthroats are singing in the distance.

Dragonflies are dancing about in the evening sun as I type.

This is all very distracting because I should be doing a post on the latest photos I've edited. Well, I'll show you the photos...but Monday, I'll do a post on the BirdMobile and the wonders before me.

Oh my, The Song Sparrow just moved within twenty feet and is singing to me.

This Veery just finished preening and cleaning up for date night.

These Palm Warblers are considered to be a "common" bird in May. I beg to differ, thank you very much.

Here's an Ovenbird...up in a tree for a change. This was the first time I saw one that wasn't foraging among the dead leaves.

WAY off in the distance these two Great Horned Owl nestlings were squirming in their dead stump abode. As we were watching them, a Blue-winged Warbler zipped by. I have another shot of this nest and you can see a fuzzy Prothonotary Warbler next to them!

It hasn't been very often that I've seen a Great Crested Flycatcher, let alone get an eye level shot of him! And of course, he's giving me the crazy eye!

The 10th was a good day for thrush watching! We saw a few of these Gray-cheeked Thrush as well as Swainson's and Veerys.

This Eastern Wood-Pewee is doing the Hollywood model profile thing. You look mahvelous dahling!

I saved this confusing little birdy for last. What do you think?
I'll post it's name on my next blog!

Well, the mosquitos are coming out and they think I taste good...I'm out for now!


  1. Very beautiful snaps of such lovely birds.

  2. hi Dave,
    Very nice post. I love th first one, it is showing really well how hard it can be to take pictures of the small birds.

  3. Dave, fantastic blog and Images.
    Looking forward to my next visit.
    Great stuff.

  4. Nice photography on these birds.

    This is a very nice post on Memorial Day. Sadly, it no longer honors all the dead but shifts the emphasis on veterans. I served during the Korean War but I still think our old "Decoration Day" was more meaningful and I wrote about it.

    My look back to the good old days on Decoration Day

  5. Great shots - love the Palm Warbler...don't see many of them around here...and the Prothonatory is perfect!