Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sora luck!

A nice little Sora going for a stroll across the creek.

What a weekend! We spent Saturday and Sunday at the BirdMobile and visited Magee Marsh and the boardwalk at Crane Creek. Lots of great birds with the spring warbler migration beginning. In a future post I'll show you the warblers we spotted and a few others birds we saw.
But First!!!....
Now on the other side .

When you're hiking in a marsh area, you always hope to find a rail or something skulking in the reeds and cattails. While everyone was looking up for the warblers, I was looking down hoping to see a Snipe or a Waterthrush. A friendly birder whispered to us..."There's something coming through the reeds in front of us." Oh my. It was a Sora right out in the open and moving in our direction. We all got a few pics before it went behind a tangle, then flew to the other side of the channel. I took a few more photos of it on the other side when someone else noticed a SECOND Sora coming up in front of us, again, out in the open. What are the odds?

And here's Sora #2. Hard to tell them apart, eh?

Together again, and he's all puffy and impressive.

It soon flew to the other side to be with his friend. Why looky there! Ones a boy, the others a girl and he's preening to impress. They then did a little dance, typical for a nice date, no movies in the marsh you know. After which...they...uh...had a 'very nice time' together (family channel here, ya know).

Soon we will have more Soras to take pictures of! Yeah!

After a little break...again?

After that, I could have gone home a happy boy with those few photos...and the Sora puns ran rampant for the next hour...we'll spare you...

PS-We had the first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of season at the home feeder today!


  1. I had never seen this bird before I came to your blog. Nice photos.

  2. Wow!! Great Timing! and sora perfect pictures...want to write puns here too, but I'll resist!

  3. Wow Dave, this is a great documentary. So nice you got follow the whole courtship and get pictures of it!!!