Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another look at Willies!

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille. Is this my good side?"

So, what were you thinking, eh? I thought I would post more warbly pics tonight. Mostly since I couldn't think of anything clever. I went out to dinner with my brothers and nephew and ate too much...can you say "Hot Fudge Sundae?", I know I can...

I took my brother Jeff out to look for warblies once (yes, once), we, or more accurately, I saw one Yellow-rumped Warbler, that was it, nothing else to be found, go figure. Jeff couldn't locate it and didn't believe me. I need to get the family to go to the Magee Marsh boardwalk next May, then maybe, just maybe, they will understand the May-hem of May Warbler Madness that we all know and love so well.

In any case, you can look at these photos while I get some Pepto-Bismol and lay down for a little while....ugh......

I usually count myself lucky if I can get ONE shot of a Wilson's. This year there were plenty to choose from!

This was my ONLY shot from 2007. The first Wilson's I saw was in 2005...in Panama!

This was number two on the Wilson's Warbler Countdown...2006...Magee Marsh International Migratory Bird Day, the day I discovered the joys of bird butt photography!

Here's the latest 'Birds from Behind' pose. I think after a few years of struggling with trying to get good shots of the front, I have surrendered to my natural talent...Photo-Booty Man.