Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I got the Black-throated Blues...

I knew this one would confuse you! It's a female BTB! Very subtle.

It's Wednesday morning and I should be on my way to work, hence the 'blues'. Butt, I thought I would do a little post of one of my favorite little warblies first!

This was a great spring for Black-throated Blue Warblers. I don't think I have ever seen quite so many on our visits to Crane Creek and Magee Marsh before this past May. They're still a hard one to get a good shot of, so much contrast, not to mention how flighty and fast they can be!

Well, enjoy the photos and think of me rushing to work and explaining to the boss why I'm late today...

How did I get such a close up view? Someone has him by his little leggies and had just banded him!

From behind AND below!!

A very curious bird. He's noticed that my shoe is untied.

I like this shot, even with the leaves in front. After all, that's how you normally see these little guys!

Bill Thompson III has a framed print of this in his office. It's one of his favorite warblers and the Ohio Ornithological Society presented this to him as a token of our appreciation.

I wonder what he's thinking about...


  1. Excellent post Dave... That's nice to do some close-up while some are working, banding him ;-) beautiful portrait!

  2. ...the untied shoe comment and photo made me laugh. You could hit the road with a birdy stand-up routine. Beautiful the detail in the banded shot (can almost see you as a reflection in his eye!). Love your Indigo post as well...

  3. Like your sense of humour:)Great images.Enjoyed your post.