Thursday, July 30, 2009

International Crappy Photo Day

I've decided on a new blog subject that will appear more often than I would like to admit, "International Crappy Photo Day."
I decided this after the Doodles spotted this bird in the garden under a feeder. When it popped up to this branch fastened to the feeder, I had the chance for one shot...through the window...and two the twilight. I love a challenge, especially when I don't have a choice!
This is a Brown Thrasher, not a common feeder bird. We've seen him here the past couple of evenings and I tried calling him out with my birdpod, he looked out from under wild garden for a second and took off when he saw it was Loopy and that stoopid camera!
One of these the mean time, count on a few more crappy pics for your enjoyment!