Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitty, kitty, kitty...

My favorite thing about Gray Catbirds? They listen to you when you talk to them.

I was going to blog about my favorite (next to Warlbies!) bird, the Gray Catbird this morning, and then I checked my blog buddy, Kelly's, "Red and the Peanut." Wouldn't you know it, she has a lovely post about Gray Catbirds. We seem to get the same ideas every now and then! But I wouldn't want to be a copy 'CAT'...or would I?

They're still my favorite bird, so you have to look at them! I was going through old photos in my collection and noticed one of the very first photos I shot when I got back into photography and fell in love with birding, was a Gray Catbird on Sanibel Island, Florida. The photo was crappy by the way, so you won't see it! You're welcome.

The first time I noticed one was in a friend's backyard, his name is Harry. When I heard the Catbird calling, he was calling "Harry!" And that's what I hear every time now.

I've read that they are a 'secretive' bird. Nah. We have had a pair nesting somewhere in our garden for a couple of years. If I go outside, one of them will sometimes greet me at the side door with a soft mew. If I don't see them, I can pish and one is sure to pop up and call for "Harry," then show off his vocal abilities with a gaggle of songs he's learned.

If you talk quietly to them, they will sit and watch you and I'm sure they're listening to what you have to say. I like birds that listen to what I say. Even when it's not important.

He looks so sad. He's being banded and measured at Black Swamp Bird Observatory.

Of course I'm going to show you the 'ventrical' side! (Thanks to Craig Caldwell for the new name!)

He was kind enough to hold his tail up so you can see the little flash of color on his little kitty booty.


In a more pensive mood...

This one was DEFINITELY an odd bird! Talk about givin' the crazy eye.
I have at least 10 shots of him rocking back and forth lookin at me like I'm the crazy one...we all know better...right?
"Hey Guys! Is this Harry? Never mind..."

This is from this past weekend's outing with Western Cuyahoga Audubon (check their site for the story and photos!) I was amazed at the number of Catbirds out and the number of juveniles like this one.

Looking for answers...or bugs...

Getting all puffy to sing every aria he knows!

Here's one of the old photos I mentioned. How could you not like this bird?

Okay, I've 'stretched' this out long enough!


  1. ...what a surprise! When I saw the title, I guessed it would be Catbirds, but I didn't expect to see my name there too! :-) I wish I had known about talking to them. I would have tried it up in Hocking Hills. You're lucky you have them in your backyard (they are few and far between down here). Fantastic photos...loved the crazy eye photos and the one with his tail splayed out! And of course, you would be able to catch those red feather well! Now....that juvenile would be called a Kittenbird, right?

  2. I esp. like your first photo; the catbird is indeed a pretty fellow. Hmm I think I might have a photo of one that I haven't ID'd yet...I better go back and see...

  3. Hi Dave. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I think you and Kelly are right. I actually found a juvenile photo in the field guide (very small photo) and it looks like my bird from what I can see. Yellow-rumped Warbler, beautiful little bird.

    Have a great weekend. Love your photos. Very beautiful. ~Cindy

  4. Great blog -thanks! We have cat birds that nest in the bush just outside of work,and so I have the pleasure of seeing them regularly...and hearing them mew, which I love!

  5. They sure look like very active birds to me. There's also something about their tails that I liked. I wish we had these kitties here too!

  6. Howdee..
    Saw Kelleys post also..
    loved seeing hers and yours..
    great shots! and a few from behind..:)

  7. Great Images,lovely shots.