Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Take a careful look at the photo above taken by Laurie a couple of years ago.

I've been reading more and more articles about Mountain Top Removal Mining over the past few months. Not to mention the insane rants from the "Conservative" Republicans that have been all over the tv, radio and the print media. I guess it must be true if they say it, all of us 'tree huggin' Liberals' are actually Socialist-Nazi-Commie reactionaries out to destroy the free world. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention racist also.

I guess we're supposed to fall in line with the corporate world and agree to the continued use of "Clean Coal." Close your eyes when you see those mountains blasted apart and leveled because it "creates jobs for the American people." It actually creates fewer jobs than traditional 'Dirty Coal' mining, but that's not important. Profit is important.

Ignore the waste that will be scraped away and pushed into any stream or river in the valley. Ignore the trees and plant life that will be bulldozed into oblivion.
Ignore the birds, reptiles, insects, mammals and the people that lived there for generations. It's being done for our benefit, the good of the world.

If these "Conservatives" would only use half the energy actually conserving something that they are currently using bad mouthing everything they don't like, imagine what could be done. Solar power, wind power, hydrogen power, there's so much that could be done. But, who needs facts when you have an imagination? Why bother taking care of the planet and your fellow man when there's a profit to be made.

Truly, what is the point at all?

Watch those birds carefully, the next one you see could be extinct soon.

The future of bird watching may be in a museum...


  1. ...very scary. After reading the article by Julie Zickafoose in this month's "Bird Watcher's Digest" I felt sick to my stomach...and heart-broken.

  2. Hi Dave,
    I think that it is a cruel thing that is happening but it is happening and has been going on for years! One of the main answer to that is to change our own habits, being more ecolo-consummers, be careful with what we buy, what kind of products is included in there and how did it get there. As you said, there are many alternative to any kind of "bad" energy we are using, but it is a problem of "Profit". Look at gazoline, they are alternative to that and there have been for years, but profit of certain companies stopped that!!!
    And now more importantly, just think about how many people do have access to these information by internet in the world. Just look at France, only 25% of the population have it! Yeh, I do not trust TV media as they are most of the time control by different parties... So the web is the only source of non-manipulated info as long as the source is not the media-profit organisation.
    Only a big change in the attitude of people can change the world!!

  3. Thanks Dave-

    Well written, and heartfelt. I cannot understand how anyone - ever - thought this would be a good idea.


  4. Great post Dave. It's a sad world we are in. I'd hate to think that some of our beautiful birds and critters would only be seen in a museum someday.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Just wanted to tell you that I read this post and agree with every single word of it as if I had written it myself.

  6. While I agree that we need to "think globally, act locally", I think it absolutely necessary that we hold the politicians accountable for the destruction of the world as we know it, all in the name of progress and commerce and cheaper prices. We're allowing North Americans to become known for knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing!. The Wal-Martization of the western world is killing us.