Monday, August 10, 2009

"Where the Tree Swallows Grow"

Yes children, it's true. Tree Swallows grow on trees. THAT'S the real and honest reason they are called Tree Swallows. And as you can see by the photograph above, indisputable proof I might add, those are young Tree Swallows, ripe and ready to burst forth.

And you thought my blog was just full of silliness! You can learn all sorts of great stuff here!

This is another Swallow tree at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
If you ask in the Visitor's Center, they might tell you where to find these trees, but I think they want it kept a secret, shhhh.
Tell them, Dave says hello!

This is a rare "Tree for Three" Tree Swallow Tree.

And here's a mature adult preparing to plant a Swallow seed on this tree.

"Excuse me, dear, up here! I think you're on the wrong side of the tree!"

I had to sneak up on these two just as they were planting seeds along this seemingly dead tree. Just wait until we get a little rain...

Every once in a great while, Tree Swallows will grow on wire fencing, very rare sight.
In late summer, there is a sub-species that grow on utility lines.

Here's a not to bright fellow trying his luck on a block of wood. Survival of the fittest, little buddy!