Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Wren't is due...

Stretch Armstrong...

Yes, it's way over due! I've been trying to get a shot of a Marsh Wren for quite some time, and at long last I have a few that aren't covered by grass, leaves, cattails, sticks or my finger. They still aren't the sharpest, but it's a good start.

Me and the Doodles were at our new hang out, Ottawa NWR with our birdin' buds, Judy and Hugh (aka Hudy). As usual we heard the Wrens calling but couldn't see them...until Hugh called back to them, he's got an amazing voice! Actually, he had his birdpod with him. He played it once and that little Wren came up so fast it made your head spin. And he bopped around in the weeds and grassy bits long enough for Judy and I to get a few shots.

I've been back to Ottawa again since I shot these photos, and guess what? Heard but not seen. I used up my Mojo on that one...

Here he is, singin' his brains out. His whole body vibrated when he sang, amazing!

I found another Marsh Wren calling this past Sunday morn. He wouldn't stay in the clear long enough, but I did spot his nest!

Once again, special thanks to our special friend, Mark Shieldcastle, King of the Banders, for trying to hold this perpetual motion machine long enough for me to TRY to get a photo. I think they must drink too much Coke...

This is the look I get from the Doodles when I stand in one place too long trying to get a photo of a bird that is clearly too far away, not sitting still, hiding is the weeds or I have 50 shots of already...and she's being eaten alive by the deer flies!
"What are you lookin at?! Let's go!"

Where's Waldo? This is the real view of the Marsh Wren. At least he's out in the open this time!


  1. I esp. love the "stretch Armstrong" photo! Oh to be that limber! Another great post, enjoyable.

  2. Ouch! What's with all that purple loosestrife in the background!?

    Can't you find one on a native plant, please?

  3. Great photos!! Love that first one with him stretching his little legs.

  4. Great captures specially of "stretch Armstrong"