Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, there we were, driving along, minding our own business at Magee Marsh, when, there in the MIDDLE of the road...A SNAKE! Oooooh, scary! Well, what would you do if you were a snake on a sunny but cool day? Of course! You find the nearest paved road and crawl onto the middle of it and warm up...while hoping that moron with the big pick up truck doesn't turn you into a speed bump, albeit a very small one.
Being the friendly, helpful sort of chap that I am(humble? no.) I stopped Laurie's Landie in the road, blocked traffic, received an 'unusual' wave from the, uh, gentlemen behind me and proceeded to gingerly pick up the future speed bump. You'll notice that I'm going for the tail first. Certain things one learns the hard way. Did you know Garter Snakes are quite flexible? You think you have a good grip on their necks, then you realize, they are pretty much all neck and that little head can turn on you really fast! Fortunately, this guy was really mellow and didn't much care. I picked him up and carried him to a safer side of the road to warm up...and stay tubular.
Silly snakes.

" Who's your buddy?"

Warming up in a much safer location!

Funny, spiders I'm not so comfortable around, but snakes are cool(pun). They are actually quite soft and almost satin like in texture. Try it someday! Just watch out for the tiny little teeth!

*Poor Chris in Iceland, he's freaking out right about now. Sorry Chris!

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  1. Oh for goodness snakes! I'm sure the guy behind you was just pointing to a better place to put your new pet slinky...up in a tree perhaps?