Friday, January 29, 2010

I think we saw a Tree Sparrow...I think...

"I don't see any Tree Sparrows!"

During our visit to the icy cold BirdMobile, we made a stop to Maumee State Park. On the shores of Lake Erie, with great trails for hiking and birding, swimming in the lake or a natural pool and more. They have a wonderful nature center ( Hi Dana!) with plenty of activities to keep everyone busy plus a boardwalk.

Once again, we listened to the weatherman (MORON!) and expected the temps to be above freezing...and once again they about a half a degree! As you can tell, we weren't dressed quite warm enough! At least we had boots on and could trudge through the snow on our search for birdies!

Can you say "Brrr!"?

A sleepy eyed American Goldfinch.
I think I woke him up...sorry!

Oh look, it's an American Tree Sparrow!...on the ground.

We were out with our birding buddy, Judy.
She took somewhere close to four thousand photos of this icicle trying to get a shot of the water drop falling.
I took one. Ha.
Oh look, it's an American Tree Sparrow!

...and an American Goldfinch.

Oh look, it's an American Tree Sparrow!...on the ground again.

Oh, that's a different one, a Northern Cardinal!

And another American Goldfinch.
This one is starting to get his dark head feathers in!

One of my goals, one of a million or so, is to get a photo of a Red-breasted Nuthatch, in a tree, in the frame and in focus.
Maybe someday. You have to have goals you know!

A Red-breasted Nuthatch cleaning up the seeds under the feeder.
Wait, is that a Tree Spa...nope, just a House Sparrow

There's a good little birdy, hold still!
These White-breasted Nuthatches make the cutest sound!
If you ever talk to the Doodles, listen carefully and you'll hear her making that same sound!
Don't tell her I said that...shhhh....
I think we missed them...

Oh look, an American Tree Sparrow!