Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm bored with snow...

Orange-crowned Warbler. Yeah, well I'm color blind and I can't see the orange crown either.
By the way, that's not snow in the background.
After slogging an hour to two hours back and forth to work every day in that lovely white stuff that is now an awful shade of brown, I am finished with winter. Thank you very much. I don't want to play anymore and you can't make me! So there. Nyah.
So, I now declare it "Early Spring!" And here's the warbly things to prove it (even though they might not really be here yet.)...have a nice day.
An Ovenbird...not in the snow.

The flowers ARE white, but they aren't snow covered, nor is the Palm Warbler.

Look how warm this Prothonotary Warbler is!
This is better than the video fireplace!

Please note the green leaves under Wilson. Not snow covered.
Nice toupee by the way...duh.
And to "end", a very springy butt shot of a Yellow Warbler!

May you all have warm dreams tonight! I gonna turn up the heat, put on the bird sound CD and pretend it's not winter...