Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birding with the DEAD!

Bob found his relatives (his Grandfather, Chip...really...) while we were visiting Lake View!

For Valentines Day we made the short trip to Lake View Cemetery for a morning of birding with the dead...with a few live friends thrown in for fun. The walk was sponsored by Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, a creative bunch when it comes to bird walks!

The weather wasn't as bad as it looked in some of the photos, about 20-25 degrees warm with a nice dusting of about a foot of snow on the ground. I don't think the residents were bothered at all...I hope I didn't step on anyones head...stone...

Morning of the Living Dead!!!
Not really...just a gang of birders...

We did see Robbins...

See, I told you we saw Robins!

Bob was not in the best of spirits...snow, cold, ghosts.
Doodles is reaching for the stun gun to loosen his death grip on her wrist.

Heads or...

... Tails?
I like when Northern Mockingbirds are cooperative!

We saw Redd Foxx also!
Actually, it was just a Red Fox...
I think Redd Foxx is interned in L.A., plus this one was running too fast.
This Cooper's Hawk was trying to cover her behind, a little sensitive I think.
"Do these stripes make my butt look big?"
We saw this Merlin off in the distance having breakfast in this tree.
It sort of looked like a hand...but I couldn't say for sure...

A Tufted Titmouse making like an angel...fancy, eh?

We also saw a Bald Eagle...

You can always count on a White-breasted Nuthatch to pop in to say hi!

Yep, we saw a Sparrow.

You can tell from this photo that this is a White-throated Sparrow...

Bob wants to go now...he heard a strange noise...scaredy-munk!


  1. I love Bob's little hat and neck scarf! Fun post...

  2. Hi Dave,
    Bob is very cute ;-) and I love this very nice post of yours and the picture of the bald eagle is may favorite... I can not stop laughing when I read you... This is a pure pleasure. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kelly: Doodles grandmother made that ensemble for her Barbies A LONG time ago! Bob swiped them...

    bon jour Chris! I will make an effort to become more serious in the future(not really!)