Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Muskrats and Sparrows and Blackbirds...oh my!...Shreve part too!

According to Mr. Musky, marsh muck tastes as good as pie.
I don't think so...

The mantra of the day at Shreve was Muskrats & Sparrows & Blackbirds, oh my! Look, another Muskrat! Look another Song Sparrow! Look another Red-winged Blackbird! Look...shut up Dave...says the Doodles. She got sick of me pointing out the same birds I guess.

There were a huge amount of Blackbirds and Sparrows about on Saturday though! And we have never spotted so many Muskrats either. I suppose they were the only ones willing to brave the below freezing temps that morning. Once again the birds are smarter than the birders...

Exit...stage right!

Exit...stage left!
They were in every marsh and pond we visited.

Song Sparrows are one of my favorite birds...even if they are the only ones out and about!

Look at those fresh feathers!
I always forget how small Song Sparrows are.

"Who's the fairest Red-wing of them all?"

"Does this reflection make my butt look big?"

Have I mentioned pies?

Okay, enough of this silliness...maybe.
Next I'll post more of the birds we spotted and the great folks we met along the way!

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  1. Love this post!! never seen a muskrat up close. That photo of the red-winged is so cute. Happy Easter Dave!