Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Birds and the North Coast...

Hey Rosie! Ya got something on your beak!

We had two days of fun at the North Coast Nature Fest this past weekend. Lots of good friends to talk to and lots of new folks too! I think we'll see a lot of new birders at the Magee boardwalk in a couple of weeks as we passed out a bunch of brochures for the Biggest Week in American Birding.

It was a little drizzly, a little sunny, a little cool and a little warm...followed by a little thundery! Everything in nature appeared for us, even the weather(other than snow, thank you!) Got to love mother nature!

We had beekeepers to our left...with a nice display of Honey Bees too!

How many blogs have a post of a bees butt? Ha, I am one of a kind!

Here's the Bee Keeper trying to remain calm while fiddling with the ever angering bees!

Oh yeah, there were a few birds to be seen out my window.
You can almost see the 'Red-bellied' part of this Woodpecker!

This Canada Goose was a little too close to the window for a full photo so, here's the head...

...and here's the, uh, 'business' end!
Hey look he's got a bracelet! I'll have to report that!

Our buddy Tom Bartlett was giving banding demonstrations...
and giving blood courtesy of this evil Black-capped Chickadee...

Speaking of banding birds...this Downy Woodpecker has a little bling courtesy of Tom.

And this Hairy Woodpecker has a bit of jewelry too!

This Hairy was doing the Linda Blair-Exorcist thing...pretty cool, huh?

Meanwhile back at the feeders...a female Red-winged Blackbird.

Nice cheeks!

I meant these! Look at the size of those! This guy puts Bob to shame...


  1. Hi Dave,
    Wow you got a lot of fun... I love your bee butt and the last picture a lot... I guess Bob was probably jealous about the size of the cheks of this last guy ;-)

  2. Hi Chris, although Bob is a bit stuffed himself, he was a little jealous...

  3. I love the swollen cheeks of the chipmunk and the Black-capped Chickadee, well done Dave.

  4. Thanks Bob, there's nothing like chubby cheeks on a rainy morn...