Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everything Butt Warblers...

An American Robin after a rough night at the worm bar...

This will be a long post, I had soooo many photos from last weekend and i didn't get around to sharing during the week. You can blame it on the fighting Goosesessessss.

There's just so much to see at Magee Wildlife Area! You REALLY need to visit if you haven't yet. Now that the Biggest Week In American Birding is almost here, everyone will be focusing (pun, ha!) on warbly things and all of our other friends will feel left out.

So, for all of our 'other' feathered friends, this post's for you!

This is what always happens when I see Blue-winged Teal.
I can hear them laughing when they fly...stoopid ducks.

The Brown Creeper photos are getting better!

This Cooper's Hawk didn't seem to affect any of the little birds zooming around.
Maybe they know he's not a very good shot...

Sorry, Mr. Downy's mouth was full, I couldn't understand him either...

Great Egret being one with the marsh.
They're good at yoga, very well known fact.

I wonder what a Hermit Thrush looks like from the front...

The Doodles spying eye spied this Northern Flicker flicking.

A Pied-billed Grebe being greeby.

Just in case you were wondering if we saw any Red-winged Blackbirds, the answer would be yes.

Here's my token cute photo of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing.
He's singing because the Golden-crowns are gone and he gets more bugs now.

Rusty Blackbirds always look at me like this.
I wonder if something was hanging from my nose...

"Quit taking pictures and GET MY HEAD OUTTA HERE!"
This is a Prothonotary Warbler box, NOT a Tree Swallow box!

This is a Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers belly. Yellowy, eh?

...And as the Trumpeter Swans sail off into the do I.